Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Inspiration [5]: Dream Mothers

A very "powerful" and inspiring poem by Wani Ardy~

You are a Dream Mother.

If you could not conceive a child,
if you will never know how it feels like to have another heart beating inside you for many months,
you are a Dream Mother.

If your body could not afford to cradle another soul,
if you will never experience the priceless agony of giving birth to a little human,
never be a biological mother, never have a daughter of your flesh and blood, never have a son who resembles your husband,
for whatever reason-
you are a Dream Mother.

Your presence is an essence;
you are the savior of orphans.
Without you, Dream Mothers, many orphans would have no special home.
Imagine a world where every single woman could conceive, could get pregnant, could have a child of her own,
yet deaths and abandonment occur as per usual…
What would become of orphans?

Dream Mothers, people such as you must live.
Biological Mothers and Dream Mothers need to coexist.
You balance the earth and its diverse occupants, Dream Mothers.
No one can deny your capacity to love and care for another.
No one can take away your right to dream of your baby’s name,
or what lullaby you would sing when that tiny foot is kicking, or when that pebble eyes are crying,
or how you would look like in the mirror with your blossoming belly, while your nausea is at its peak.

Dear Dream Mother,
You think you’re inadequate but God has made you a rescuer.
You think you’re less of a woman but God has made you an important reminder.
Biological Mothers ponder upon you and they appreciate what they have even better.

God is Just. God is Fair.
Biological Mothers have their pain and gain; so do you.
Only yours are more of a secret.

To be born a Dream Mother, is not a lost.
To be born a Dream Mother means that you are much stronger than you will ever know.
It means that your pain and gain are there, but they may not show.

Dear Dream Mothers,
You are no less significant.
You are here for a cause.
These children are the earth,
Biological Mothers are the sun,
and you-
you are the moon.

Dear Dream Mothers,
you are the chosen ones.

Wani Ardy
Rozelle, Sydney

source: here   [ you can listen to its background song ]

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