Sunday, October 14, 2012

What have I done today to make me feeel prouddeh!

*wiping dust away*


It has been long since I last wrote something here. Duty calls I guess, no? Well, I may have been MIA here but I did not stop writing. Writing in English is a good activity for you to brush up your English writing skills. Okay, okay, coming back to the point, it has been one month plus of working and I have experienced loads of things. Since I am a teacher so let's follow my sequence of themes so that I won't be running around bushes and confuse myself after this.

Le subjects

I am teaching two English subjects this semester. One subject is for first year students and that would be the requirement for the next English subject which I also teach for this semester. 1112 is basically teaching the basic skills of English like impromptu speech, note-taking, summary writing, argumentative essay and group discussion (just like MUET speaking test). 2112 is a more complex subject where the students are required to carry out and mini-research and write a research report/mini-thesis on their research topic. Personally, I enjoy them both but I would prefer 2112 better because it is more challenging and caters to what I used to study in university while for 1112, because it is a basic subject, I have to tone down my expectations and seriousness of teaching and cope with students' different level of proficiency. But, it's a challenge for me to come up with slideshows and activities that will make them participate and practice the theories rather than just listen to whatever I nag present about.

Here, they don't have mid semester exam so 70% of the total marks come from assessments so yeah, they have to do well if they don't want to repeat the subject. We have already covered the first assessment which was 'impromptu speech". It was very interesting to watch and listen to the students presenting their speech with all sorts of behaviour while being in front. Kinda made me realize how I was back then. Hence, I was lenient on giving marks for this assessment. They [students] have no idea what they will be expecting once they start their writing assessments. Editor-mode activated by then :p

For 2112, I am only teaching one class for this subject [3 classes for 1112] and I must say, I love the subject and the class. Up until now, they are doing well and they ask questions whenever they are unclear about certain issues regarding what to write, what to find for literature review, how to construct a questionnaire and all. Let's see how their first draft is in order to know whether they understood everything or not..hoho

Le students

Teaching 4 classes with all kinds of students was a bit tough for me. First, I am an anti-social [meaning I'm awkward with new people]. Secondly, I'm awkward with the opposite gender and here I am, teaching classes filled with boys. Each class have different traits collectively. I have one class where the students are so lively and I also have a class which is sooo quiet whenever I come in and teach. I also have classes where I have both kind of students which is perfectly normal :D...Heck, me myself was a quiet student back then but I managed to brace myself to be a wee bit confident in some classes. I guess, in whatever generations we may be in, there would always be that different variation of students' behaviour. Variation also includes teaching students from different backgrounds and nationality. I've been in a...what they call as "Islamic environment" . From school until I graduated IIUM and currently I have to teach the Chinese, foreigners [well, we have lots of foreigners in IIU tho..hihi] and it is just something....unique and interesting. I have to weight things that I want to say to avoid misunderstanding or prejudice towards other faiths so yeah...For shy students, I try to stimulate discussions rather than me just doing the talking. If no one responds, I call out their names or go straight to them. Seram kan? hohohoho


Did I change? Well I can't say on my behalf but from the stories I share with my besties, they are surprised that I can be like that in class. Like what? Let's just say I wear tipu-tipu confident act every time I go to class. They may think that "wow, is this the same Wanie we know all these time?". Same person, just with a different act in class. And to add in more, I'm a little bit.....garang? sarkastik? firm? I really don't know but I guess I am garang sometimes especially when the students do not respond to my questions, come in late [yes, me very punctual person] or they chatter when I am doing the talking. Memang mendapat lah budak2tu. I've noticed that I am not that awkward with people like I used to but that awkwardness will always be with me like BFF :D. I like to prepare my slides in advance and practice them beforehand so that I won't be blank on what to say in class but if I do, I will just attack the students with so many questions...hehe....quit a trick there ain't it? That's how you survive, lady! Everyday is a learning process and I am happy He chose me to experience this sweet  [and sometimes horrifying] moments.

Sometimes those disappointments still linger in my mind but this job takes it away nicely. Alhamdulillah for everything He gave and did not give me [yet]  :)

I will do my very best until the time ends and I hope me and my students can get along nicely, inshaAllah.

What I aim for is; to make them prepare for the hard cold true life after university ends...Hence, I like to share quotes and sayings with them....nasiblah ye students ku :D

[p/s: not checking my grammar....huwwaaa the irony!]

Till then,



Thursday, October 11, 2012



I have been abandoning this blog haven't I? Mommy's sorry S2S...Mommy's been busy with work and mommy is now active in LETEACH. Okay, can't cut the dramatic part now wanie.

So, yeah....I still blog but currently I blog more in leteach...So, you are welcomed to visit [wahh retis sgt ayat].

Stay happy people.

I have things to say here too but wait till I have the time :D