Tuesday, December 11, 2012


The pain of rejection is indeed very painful. However, the one that rejected you, and your current self, haven't realized how great you're going to turn out to be, insha Allah! Take the hit and move on with righteousness. At the end of the day if you have the acceptance of Allah, that is what truly counts. You will one day look back at the moment of rejection and regret that you ever let anyone hurt you, that you cared that much, and will hopefully learn from it and laugh over it (preferably in the chocolate rivers of paradise) 
-Sheikh Navaid Aziz-

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Words cannot express

How much disturbed I am for what is happening in Gaza right now. The merciless Zionist dogs are killing the innocent lives of Gazan like they are playing a game on X-Box and they just don't seem to CARE about the world knowing their acts and urging them to stop. They think they are superior but they forget the One Most Superior is Allah.

We may take  [God have mercy on those who just don't care of what is happening in Gaza right now because they are living in a 'peaceful' land ] piety to the people of Gaza upon scrolling through the pictures of dead bodies but know this; they are very lucky to get syahid. For me, it's like having First Class ticket straight to heaven....How about us? What will be our ending? The sad thing are e lives remaining. Parents who loss their children, little children who loss their parents, who's gonna take care of them? May Allah protect them.

Israel will never stop until they get the rich land of Palestine and demolish all the Palestinians.

Unlike in the past, now we have so many sources to rely on and this time around, I see so many emphatic people  [be it Muslim or non-Muslim ] throughout the world making the effort to pressure Israel. For all we know, even the non-Muslims are boycotting some of the major contributors of Israel. It's a shame about what I see here though.....hmmm.... I know we all have different approaches of helping but to know the fact and still consuming them? May Allah have mercy on us who let our desire for 'those things' control us.

While people are doing their best helping the Gazan, there are still some knuckleheads stressing about " how hypocritical of those who are boycotting McD, Starbucks, and so on but keep on using Intel products, using facebook whom e pioneer is a Jew". I pity these souls, I really do. But yeah, to you, your us and to us, ours.

I've been reading from so many sources but I must give credits to HARRY FEAR who has been reporting LIVE from Gaza genuinely. And he is a non-Muslim. May Allah have mercy on him and give him hidayah. Reminds me of Rachel Corrie.

This thing happening in Gaza has been happening for a long long time. They kill some and more warriors are born. May Allah aid them and keep them strong.

For us who's living a very so-called peaceful life, let us be grateful. But don't be so comfortable and ignorant about the surrounding. We may think we're so lucky to be in this state but remember this; peacefulness and wealth are also tests for us.

Contribute as much as we can; prayer as the best of weapon, give donations, spread awareness [not HATRED] about what's happening and please, just please don't be ignorant and show it to the public  [ ohh e comments I read in FB, so sickening! ]

May Allah forgive us all, ameen.

[p/s: typos here and there....]

Sunday, October 14, 2012

What have I done today to make me feeel prouddeh!

*wiping dust away*


It has been long since I last wrote something here. Duty calls I guess, no? Well, I may have been MIA here but I did not stop writing. Writing in English is a good activity for you to brush up your English writing skills. Okay, okay, coming back to the point, it has been one month plus of working and I have experienced loads of things. Since I am a teacher so let's follow my sequence of themes so that I won't be running around bushes and confuse myself after this.

Le subjects

I am teaching two English subjects this semester. One subject is for first year students and that would be the requirement for the next English subject which I also teach for this semester. 1112 is basically teaching the basic skills of English like impromptu speech, note-taking, summary writing, argumentative essay and group discussion (just like MUET speaking test). 2112 is a more complex subject where the students are required to carry out and mini-research and write a research report/mini-thesis on their research topic. Personally, I enjoy them both but I would prefer 2112 better because it is more challenging and caters to what I used to study in university while for 1112, because it is a basic subject, I have to tone down my expectations and seriousness of teaching and cope with students' different level of proficiency. But, it's a challenge for me to come up with slideshows and activities that will make them participate and practice the theories rather than just listen to whatever I nag present about.

Here, they don't have mid semester exam so 70% of the total marks come from assessments so yeah, they have to do well if they don't want to repeat the subject. We have already covered the first assessment which was 'impromptu speech". It was very interesting to watch and listen to the students presenting their speech with all sorts of behaviour while being in front. Kinda made me realize how I was back then. Hence, I was lenient on giving marks for this assessment. They [students] have no idea what they will be expecting once they start their writing assessments. Editor-mode activated by then :p

For 2112, I am only teaching one class for this subject [3 classes for 1112] and I must say, I love the subject and the class. Up until now, they are doing well and they ask questions whenever they are unclear about certain issues regarding what to write, what to find for literature review, how to construct a questionnaire and all. Let's see how their first draft is in order to know whether they understood everything or not..hoho

Le students

Teaching 4 classes with all kinds of students was a bit tough for me. First, I am an anti-social [meaning I'm awkward with new people]. Secondly, I'm awkward with the opposite gender and here I am, teaching classes filled with boys. Each class have different traits collectively. I have one class where the students are so lively and I also have a class which is sooo quiet whenever I come in and teach. I also have classes where I have both kind of students which is perfectly normal :D...Heck, me myself was a quiet student back then but I managed to brace myself to be a wee bit confident in some classes. I guess, in whatever generations we may be in, there would always be that different variation of students' behaviour. Variation also includes teaching students from different backgrounds and nationality. I've been in a...what they call as "Islamic environment" . From school until I graduated IIUM and currently I have to teach the Chinese, foreigners [well, we have lots of foreigners in IIU tho..hihi] and it is just something....unique and interesting. I have to weight things that I want to say to avoid misunderstanding or prejudice towards other faiths so yeah...For shy students, I try to stimulate discussions rather than me just doing the talking. If no one responds, I call out their names or go straight to them. Seram kan? hohohoho


Did I change? Well I can't say on my behalf but from the stories I share with my besties, they are surprised that I can be like that in class. Like what? Let's just say I wear tipu-tipu confident act every time I go to class. They may think that "wow, is this the same Wanie we know all these time?". Same person, just with a different act in class. And to add in more, I'm a little bit.....garang? sarkastik? firm? I really don't know but I guess I am garang sometimes especially when the students do not respond to my questions, come in late [yes, me very punctual person] or they chatter when I am doing the talking. Memang mendapat lah budak2tu. I've noticed that I am not that awkward with people like I used to but that awkwardness will always be with me like BFF :D. I like to prepare my slides in advance and practice them beforehand so that I won't be blank on what to say in class but if I do, I will just attack the students with so many questions...hehe....quit a trick there ain't it? That's how you survive, lady! Everyday is a learning process and I am happy He chose me to experience this sweet  [and sometimes horrifying] moments.

Sometimes those disappointments still linger in my mind but this job takes it away nicely. Alhamdulillah for everything He gave and did not give me [yet]  :)

I will do my very best until the time ends and I hope me and my students can get along nicely, inshaAllah.

What I aim for is; to make them prepare for the hard cold true life after university ends...Hence, I like to share quotes and sayings with them....nasiblah ye students ku :D

[p/s: not checking my grammar....huwwaaa the irony!]

Till then,



Thursday, October 11, 2012



I have been abandoning this blog haven't I? Mommy's sorry S2S...Mommy's been busy with work and mommy is now active in LETEACH. Okay, can't cut the dramatic part now wanie.

So, yeah....I still blog but currently I blog more in leteach...So, you are welcomed to visit [wahh retis sgt ayat].

Stay happy people.

I have things to say here too but wait till I have the time :D

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Let me share a little bit about my career journey.

Graduated in May 2010, vacation.....applied for a freelance job which ended as my full-time job starting from October 2010. Here's the interesting part, my work doesn't require me to wake up early in the morning, open my wardrobe and hassle myself over what attire to wear, didn't need to take the bus nor any public transportation, didn't need to mingle with colleagues. Just had to attend meetings with boss and clients every once in a while. Long story short, it's a job MOST PEOPLE would want.

"Sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit, apatah lagi suami isteri [eh] dalam dunia pekerjaan"

October 2011

 Out of no where, while I was so stressed out translating, I drafted an email and sent it to my current employer applying the position as an EDITOR, something I love to do and confident in doing it. Two three weeks later, the person replied my email and said if I'm interested to work there, I should email my resume but after that, no news were heard of.

February 2012

While translating and Una was at my house, I got a phone call and I guess this was the start of my new rizq because I rarely pick up unknown calls  [anti-social much?!]. The person on line told me I succeeded the filtering and needed to go for the next step: Le Interview. Guess I've jot down something about the interview so no repetition is needed. Mind you, I was told in advance the position offered was not editor but Language Teacher but I said YES to the interview offer [!]

April 2012

Resigned from previous job. Decided to rest for a while, continued with freelance job, went for umrah, fasting came and during the last week of Ramadhan, I received the offer letter for inshaAllah current job.

Yes I graduated with an English Language and Literature Degree but teaching was never in my dream job list. Not because I look down upon this job but I never had the courage. I'm socially awkward so being in front of a group of people staring at me isn't an ideal thing for me to do.

So I'm really making a big fuss among my loved and closest ones about this new journey I'll be traveling. Imagine I've been all ME all these while, after this it'll be, ME, MY EMPLOYER, COLLEAGUES, OFFICE, FORMAL ATTIRE, LECTURE ROOMS andddd.....le STUDENTS   [zomggg the thought of it is already killing me!!!]  ----maafler bekas budak benl mmg over acting sikit...coz we're awesome liddat :p

This is certainly a gift and also a test from Him.

Alhamdulillah for both.

All smiles ^^

Keep me in your prayers :)

I will do my extra best!! InshaAllah

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Barakallahu lakuma AK & AAR

Alhamdulillah, my BFF@ BFTJ is hitched!

No more friend who laughs to almost everything I say, no more friend who seldom...almost doesn't feel disheartened by me, no more friend to get excited with me over something....

OK, better stop here before I get all emotional...eheh

I attended her solemnization and reception ceremony and saw my sweet friend being taken away by her personal doctor :)

May Allah bless your marriage with sakinah mawaddah wa rahmah. May it be a smooth journey until jannah. May you be bless with so many cute children  [and take me as their godmother :D]. Remember what the tok kadi said : "Jaga hubungan dengan Allah, jaga hubungan dengan ibu-bapa"

To Doc AAR: Please take care of AK well. Be patient with her and guide her till jannah. 

To AK: I've whispered everything to you so no need to be emotional all over again....hahaha x macho ok!
            ( dah kawen ni jgn lah lupakan i olls ok?!!!)

bersalaman dengan mother-in-law masing2 :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Thank You Allah (2) - Umrah


Finally I gathered myself together to come and share about my first experience of performing umrah <3

Where to start? what to tell?

We set off from Madinah around 3 p.m, stopped by Bir Ali to do our meeqat for umrah...continued journey...stopped at a "RnR" in the middle of the dessert to perform Jamak taqdim Maghrib+Isya' and our journey continued until we reached Makkah Al-Mukarramah. It was about 10 p.m and the bus did pass by Masjidil Haram when it made a U-turn to our accommodation. I was tired [due to the longgg and slow bus ride] but excited at the same time.

After getting our room keys, had dinner and freshened up [without breaking the pantang larang for people in "ihram"], we gathered at the lobby for one purpose, to perform our umrah. Each step closer to masjidil haram meant a step closer to finally witness kaabah. Our entrance was at Gate 9 "Babul Malik Abdul Aziz". The crowd was massive but my focus was only one, kaabah,kaabah,kaabah. Finally, I saw it! Alhamdulillah

Mesmerized. Labbaikallahumma labbayk...

Our mutawif guided us of where to start our tawaf so off we went. The beginning of tawaf was at the green light [the light is obvious, you won't miss it :)]. On our left side was the door of kaabah. This is where we should wave and recite "Bismillahi Allahu Akbar" . After finishing tawaf, we performed the 2 rakaat sunat prayer and then it was sa'ee time.

I was quite surprised to see such a modernized sa'ee place. Our sa'ee finished around 3 a.m and we ended our ihram with tahallul.

Day 3 and 4 were spent visiting historical places that took place during the time of the prophets, places for Haji and last but not least, the camel farm! [which lead me to high fever for one whole day!]

I admit that I didn't fully utilize my time there to be at the mosque most of the time and I regret it. Hopefully I will get the chance to visit and at that time, I want to be close to Him as much as possible. InshaAllah.

Although everything  [nice and unpleasant] was unforgettable, I just wanted to share this sweet memory that I experienced there. You see, Makkah at that time was excruciatingly hot due to summer season and I wasn't fond of hot weather because I always end up with a terrible headache [simptom puteri lilin...hoho] but Allah's miracle, I did not experience it at all. Second thing was, you can just ask for anything you want and you'll see how your prayers will be answered  [ I can't share with you what it was but for me, it was a gift from Allah]. Thirdly, due to the hot weather, I thought it wasn't very comfortable to do tawaf sunat but I was wrong. So so wrong.

See the two rows of green carpet? If you step on it, obviously it was hot but miraculously once you step at the marmar, you feet automatically will not feel any hotness at all. I thought I was dreaming so I asked my mother and sisters and they all said the same. Guess that is Allah's aid for us to perform our ibadah there comfortably. Even while making my tawaf rounds, I felt the sense of breeziness eventhough I was surrounded by so many people. I felt so ashamed that I sin a lot but He still made sure that I was comfortable enough. Alhamdulillah.

During our last day there, we had a mixed feeling. One was the excitement of returning back to Malaysia but at the same time, we were sad to leave behind those precious moments, kaabah, the Holy Land.

My prayers still continue....

Allah answered one of my prayers, which was to secure a job after raya in K.L  [but He gave advancement to me ^^.....but not in k.l ] and I hope He will answer my other prayer which is to pursue my dream in.......[sssshhh]

Despite some trials that tested our patience, everything else was beautiful, magical and mesmerizing. I can't describe more than that.

Bellow are some pictures not in order :)

jabal rahmah. Many of my friends kirim doa here :)

Mina...During Hajj, this place is lively

daily route from hotel to masjd...busy ainnit?

sky-scrapper. Clock Tower

what we watch most of the time in our hotel room. Live view of kaabah :)

outside view. Gate 9

pic taken by Ammar from rooftop. This was tawaf after maghrib.

Captivating dawn

Ice-cream stall. WAJIB try ice-cream 3 riyal mixed flavour dia...haha terus mixed bahasanya :p

3 jamrah

sejuk ada. original ada. And it's practically everywhere is the masjid!

You are so cute but not in a million years I will eat your meat or drink your milk.


May I have the chance again....inshaAllah :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Unemployed No More


Rezeki Ramadhan :)


I have never even imagined that I will embark on this new career line. NEVER.

May Allah eases my path. Ameen.

Again, thank you Allah

and thank you, kind people who have prayed for me...for I am nothing without your prayers :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ramadhan Kareem!


So, it's already day 5 of fasting for Muslims in Malaysia and other parts in the globe. Not too late for me to wish RAMADHAN KAREEM to ya olls who are reading S-2-S. May we make the best out of this barakah month,inshaAllah.

I still owe this blog the Mekkah entry which I don't know when I'll have ample time to jot down my experience. Been busy with this one thesis like very pagal busy. Still unemployed until further notice but I feel so much content on the inside.

After years of fasting alone [most of the days], this time, I will be spending my whole Ramadhan with le family,alhamdulillah. But, I do miss my old life....I miss the heart of Malaysia despite the hectic-ness, lulz...Most importantly, I miss those whom I left behind. Already been bombarded with the question "bila nk blk kl?"  [wow,retisss y'awww].



Another question I got when I returned was: "jumpa jodoh x depan kaabah"?. Maybe at that moment, people were hyped up with the walimah of sis Irma Hasmie and how she met her other half.....gittteww :p. 

Well, happy fasting, happy terawih-ing, happy break-fasting! Remember, eat LESS, ibadah MORE. Don't forget while we have all the luxuries of foods to choose from, some people out there don't even have anything to eat....sobs.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012


can't read the credits but this is not mine


last night I had the chance to attend a talk given by Prof.Tariq Ramadan held at Cultural Activity Centre [or known as CAC for IIUM-ians], IIUM.

Bought the ticket just before I went for umrah....Couldn't miss the talk given by the grand child of Imam Hassan Al-Banna.

Silly me left behind my precious notebook and pen  so I had to borrow Eldee's pen whom by the way was my companion for the talk and jot down points on an A4 paper [which clearly wasn't enough].

I loved loved loved the talk!

The title was : In the Footsteps of the Prophet: How Muslims Should Contribute to The World

I hope my humble sharing wouldn't do injustice to whatever Prof said last night  [when the video's up, I'll share the link here....inshaAllah]

Prof maintained his speech throughout the clock by relating what we should do as Muslims with how our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w did thousand years ago.

Prophet Muhammad as the best of man, an exemplary to the future generation, who lived his life according to the teachings of the quran, should be followed by the ummah. Being the person who has been promised jannah didn't stop him from performing additional ibadah along the obligatory ones because of his love for Allah...Even the sahabah couldn't match him in that sense and mind you, he was maksum

He had beautiful qualities even before the revelation which he then become our last prophet to send the true message of Islam and that's why he was the chosen one.  [falling in love much much more with this great man! allahumma solli a'la muhammad]

Furthermore, prof mentioned about the four qualities we should have that are:

1) Be confident
2) Trust Allah
3) Be ambitious
4) Have courage to speak out and do the right thing

The following will be in point forms and some sharing from FB posts:

  •  If you have the question "Does Allah still love me?" realizing you are full of sins, it means that Allah is still close to you, with that conscience alone.
  •  Be in touch with Allah.He is not monitoring our actions but He is welcoming our intentions,our quest for the truth
  • Change the way you look at things. Look with your hearts,with compassion. The way you look at things is like looking into a mirror. It reflects how our hearts value them as gifts from Allah.

  • To attain the love of Allah, follow the prophet with understanding, love our parents and love other people in the name of humanity

  • Two things we should never forget:
1) We do not own anything and we will be accountable for everything
2) One day, we will die 

  • You neglect nature , you neglect your heart

 "We are numerous, but yet we are nothing."

He added on by reciting a hadith:

"Thauban reported that the messenger of Allah said: "It is near that the nations will call one another against you just as the eaters call one another to their dishes."

Somebody asked: "Is this because we will be few in numbers that day?"

The prophet replied: "Nay, but that day you shall be numerous, but you will be like the foam of the sea, and Allah will take the fear of you away from your enemies and will place weakness into your hearts."

Somebody asked: "What is this weakness?" The prophet answered: "The love of the world and the dislike of death." (Abu Daud)   
[credits to Ameen Misran of LangitIlahi for this sharing]

Prof also didn't like the crowd to clap upon his "best" statements but rather he urged us to get up and do something to change it....

It was a fruitful speech and I cannot wait to listen back to everything....[heard the team is already processing it,wehoooo!]

I'll put down first his beautiful du'a which brought tears to many people in the crowd


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Thank You Allah (1)


All praises be to Allah, the All-Mighty,All-Knowing and All-Loving.

Masjid Nabawi

Alhamdulillah, me and family just returned from Umrah 4 days ago and the whole journey was surreal. Till date, I still can't believe Allah accepted me, full of sins, to the Holy Land.

I don't know whether I should be 'sharing' my experience or not because if you google "pengalaman buat umrah", you'll be directed to lots of post entries. At least that's what I did before leaving,teheee :p But, not to disappoint some people  [wahh retis], I'll just share a few stories and tips,InshaAllah. May Allah preserve me from the feeling or riak or whatever, na'uzubillah.

Here we go.....


We departed KLIA around 10am via MAS. The flight was about 8 hours long and we landed at Madinah Airport around 1pm  [tolak 5 jam dari waktu kita]. Pung pang pung pang settled imigration and luggage claim, rode the bus which was waiting outside to our hotel. First thing I felt after stepping out of the airport, mad hotness! We stayed at Durrat Al-Fayroz hotel and alhamdulillah the hotel was nice and the catering throughout our stay for both in Madinah and Makkah were splendid. W did jama' ta'hir for 'Asar and Zuhur as it was already late and our room check-in process was a bit hassle [pity our mutawwif]. Ok feels like writing an essay already here. Short and simple wanie, short and simple!

the hotel we stayed in

We went to pray Magrib and Isya' at Masjid Nabawi and the first time witnessing it, I was totally mesmerized. The feeling of actually being in the same place as the Prophets were, is indescribable. Me,my mom and sisters took the Gate 9 Entrance for ladies and please be reminded, there is a spot check at the door where no cameras, phone with cameras are allowed [tapi,kalau nk bwk jugak, kena pandai2lah simpan dalam poket seluar or baju, jgn simpan dlm beg....wahh tunjuk ajarku sifu]. It is totally understandable that they want to preserve our 'aib as ladies. Although it was tuna-crowded, we managed to get a spot on the carpet and quenched our thirst with fresh cold zamzam water!After isya', we went outside and waited for the guys before going back to the hotel for dinner. MashaAllah I was captivated by the minarets at night and was excited to see how the tents will be flap-opened in the daylight :D

Day 2- Outdoor Ziarah to Masjid Quba, Dates Farm, Dates Market, Jabal Uhud, Masjid Qiblatain. Alhamdulillah we got to pray in Masjid Quba. It is said that if we enter and pray in Masjid Quba, the reward is like completing an Umrah. Regardless, the feeling was lovely despite the crowd. Later in the evening, our neighbour in JB who now live in Madinah came to fetch us to their house. Youngest bro was so happy to meet his two friends and my mom was happy to meet her friend and my sisters were happy to meet their friends and I was happy to meet mr. Internet, LOL.We were served with delicious foods and special mint tea [my fav!] and pakcik N brought us to perform maghrib at Masjid Qiblatain. He then took us to Masjid Tujuh and told us some history behind it before sending us back to the hotel. Thank you Pakcik N, Makcik A and family!

first time witnessing...MashaAllah!

muslim area

Masjid Quba'

Dates Farm

Masjid Qiblatain

Jabal Uhud

Cemetery of the syuhada' during Perang Uhud

pretty in picture...mesmerizing in sight.

Quran production factory

Baqi' Cemetery

Makam Rasulullah s.a.w

Day 3- An unforgettable day. The mutawwif told us that we will be doing ziarah Masjid today so we had to gather at the lobby around 7 am. Mind you that Masjid Nabawi is massively big! We walked to Baqi' Cemetary where the syuhada' and mujahidins were laid to rest. We said our prayers and afterwards, our mutawwif said that the  ladies can go to Raudhah so off we go. We passed by Makam Rasulullah [which was just opposite to the perkuburan and said our salam. It was a mixed feeling, happy that I was near him, worried whether he will recognize me as his followers in the hereafter or not...tsk.

Raudhah. [A part of the garden of heaven...]

As usual, spot check first. Cameras were already given to my brother because the guys can bring it inside the praying area. Upon entering, I can hear a bee-like buzzing [pardon me for the exaggeration] to signal a big crowd is inside. And a BIG crowd it was! "Ibu-ibu! dodok...dodok dulu...sini...sini!" the all-covered female guards instructed us. We entered the C.S.I-like tape in the Malay-Indo section and waited for the next instruction. While waiting, it is good if we can use it wisely for zikrullah, making du'as so that Allah eases our entering, perform sunat prayers,etc. From the stories I read, the Malay-Indonesians would always be the last group to enter...ya know,after the big-tall-and a big fiercy group finishes the session but alhamdulillah after 15 minutes of waiting, the guards told us to get up and enter. Inside, there was another waiting session but this time around, we saw the green kubah [ Makam Rasulullah] and our prayers grew deeper. Story got really interesting when we actually entered the praying area. Upon touching our feet on the red carpet, we were not walking anymore, we were pushed inside! Mind you that the Malays were minority and I am sure they were not the ones pushing. SubhanAllah patience level had to be increased. I was tightly holding my sister and my mom held my other sister. While being pushed inside, I told my sister,don't look front, just look at the carpet below and if the carpet is green, we are already in Raudhah and not long after that, we saw Green....Alhamdulillah!It was a double tuna-crowd inside the green-carpet area as the previous group [Iran or some other Arab people] were going out and some just didn't want to leave so just imagine the ones pushing in and the ones pushing out. Amazingly, despite the full-crowded space, I managed to perform my solat smoothly. It felt like I was covered by a wall at all sides until my last salam...Ya Allah syukur! Separated from my family but reunited after exiting the green-area [same story, pushed outside...claustrophobic me got adapted somehow].

red carpet: common area. Green carpet: Raudhah  [picture copied from Secretly Myra]

The reason to the crowd was, entrance to Raudhah for ladies was restricted. Not like the guys who can enter raudhah 24/7, we had a time limit in the day and at night. May Allah accept our du'as there.

We left Madinah on our fourth day to Makkah and all the memories there will forever be in my heart. May Allah give me lots more chances to visit my Most Beloved.


1) No cameras are allowed at the female area so bring it at your own risk

2) Bring your own plastic bag to put in your sandals. It's a big crowd and you might won't find them. Don't worry, everyone does it too.

3) Drink as much zamzam water as you like coz it's free and refreshing! Bring your own bottle too to bring it back to the hotel and while you go for ziarah.

4) Be careful with your purse and belongings but put upmost trust in Allah....everything will be OK.

5) Don't bring a lot of clothes because it will dry overnight after washing...inshaAllah plus if you go to Madinah first, it's only for four days...just bring minimal amount in Madinah's luggage and can wash when you are in Makkah.

6) Bring lots of medicines [ note: cough,flu,fever,vomit,diarrhea, inhaler if you're asthmatic], face mask during hot season coz it's a bit pricy there.


Will continue with Makkah inshaAllah later.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The fact that sis Yasmin Mogahed is already in Malaysia and I will not get the chance to meet her this Saturday is just toooooooooo devastating T_T Maybe I'll force/pujuk sweety AK [force/pujuk has begun :p] to snap a picture or two  [oh! so jelly! ]

Anyways, this blog will go into hiatus for I'm not sure how long.

Till then, KEEP CALM AND MAKE DU'A  ^^

Sunday, June 24, 2012


The long awaited win. Mabruk ya Morsi! Long way to go but one door is opened :)

Next is; Syria, Palestine, and moreee....Ameen thumma Ameen.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Is it normal to feel like  "nak makan budak ni sebab comel!" ?

Dua2 bukan anak gue

I regret the years I spent not liking comfortable around children [it's more complicated than what I wrote].....But, good thing is, now that I'm new in this world, I'm obsessed with them like nobody's business...MUAHAHA

*motherly-instinct lah sangat kan*

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Of Husnu Zhon

I've been reading and writing less these days. It shows in my writing performance. It also shows in my editing job. I'd be like  "should this word be with a double L or T?" and my S-V-agreement is all twisted.....muahaha...that's when Mr.Google comes in handy :p  [but I loathe a copy-pasted-from-google thesis paper being given to me...If I was the lecturer,I won't waste my time reading it!]

But, this attitude must change. Guess one year plus duration of working has made me so dependent on search engines that my language brain died a little.  [obama OH NO! face]

Just finished proofreading and editing one chapter from so many chapters and wanted to escape for a while and where best to go? none other than  A TREE WAS ONCE A SEED....thing is, the seed is showing no progress :p


This hadeeth has been lingering in my mind for quite some time. I've been "made aware" of this hadeeth so many times but I never could really capture what it really meant   *obama REGRET face*.

Reading some articles and watching some videos made me slowly grasp an understanding of the meaning.

We should ALWAYS have a sense of husnu zhon towards Allah, for that every pleasure, every YES YOU CAN HAVE THIS AND THAT is a blessing.....and for every NO YOU CAN'T HAVE THIS AND THAT is also a blessing in disguise.... That if we do not question His judgments, submit our total trust in Him, He will replace the rejections, the disappointment with a better gift. Our weapon to keep on fighting is our NEVER ENDING du'a...khayr inshaAllah.

I'd like to share a very beneficial link regarding this matter:  HERE



Thursday, June 14, 2012

Don't grieve at the stab

Life's progress

Moving yet stagnant.


So many invitations but due to some limitations,couldn't afford to attend all. But, alhamdulillah, finally I managed to reach Pashuwarya's hometown, Kuala Kangsar,for her older brother's walimah. In fact, I attended all three occasions, the nikah, bride's side and groom's side, VVIP-ing like a boss I would say :). KK is just a nice place for a first timer like me [yes, first time in my life reaching there =_=] and her family is just so wonderfully warming. Introvert me felt so homey there,ngehe. What I love most is, Arif Fikri! A very very cute 5 months old baby....munch munch munch.

Interesting culture apparel from the bride's family members from Sabah :)

So cute!

Another one of Arif Fikri :)

[so much enthusiasm in the writing above,lol]


Unwell. I pray for it to wash away some sins. Nothing if compared to the pain those in Syria, Palestine,etc suffer from.


You can't really do much if you don't have this so-called value paper *sigh*


Should I quit now or try better in the future? =_=

Don’t grieve at the stab.
It’s only meant to free you.
From the chains that bind you to the earth
and shackle you to the shadows of people.
The mirage of water cannot quench.
But is so beautiful to the thirsty.
I’m afraid. Of never knowing another life.
Different. So different.
If I let go, will You take me higher?
Above grief, want, loss.
Above all that I’ve ever known.
Take me higher. Unbind me from the earth.
Like a vaccine, it sickens, to make you stronger.
The stab is temporary. The freedom, eternal.

                                                                                   [Yasmin Mogahed]


Life itself, is still moving.

Alhamdulillah ^^

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Writer's block...

I guess I'm having it again. Having so many thoughts yet hard for me to pour it in writing.

In the meantime, please indulge in all these yummylicious programmes lined up for us in Malaysia!!

Click for more details: HERE  [hurry and grab early bird's price!!]

Click: HERE  [WOOT WOOT....This is an all-ladies event :)]

cekkidaud HERE   [ I'm so sad that I'm gonna miss this one of a kind event....plus sis Yasmin Mogahed will inshaAllah be among the speakers but I'm missing it for yet another great deal....Alhamdulillah ^^]

Andddddd *drum rolls*

I've attended the first one in KL and lillahi ta'ala it was super duper awesome!!! So JOHORIANS and south residents, grab this chance!!! :)

There's another one in early of July but the poster's not ready yet...I was supposed to be among the committees but due to date transfer  [it was supposed to be in mid June],I think I'm not gonna able to make it on time...Will just assist the preps for this event... STAY TUNED FOR MORE!!!  ^^

Till then.....Please spread the words around.

Jazakumullahu khairan~~~


Monday, May 21, 2012

Off weddings and behaviours

pink+silver theme

So it finally happened! Kak R married the love of her life...Barakallahu lakuma again! She had a pretty interesting story of how she and her husband found each other but that will not be disclosed here. Me, AK and Enigma witnessed the solemnization...

It's really funny you know with the attitude of some people when they go to events like this, maybe on the day itself or two days before to give their 'help' but what they do is not helping at all. Coming and gossiping with each other while the host is not around,commenting this and that as if they had to spend their own money to organize the event......Being the only minority there [ahem,youngest!], I just stayed quiet out of respect towards them whom I consider the same age as my granny. May Allah forgive them and forgive me. This things happen a lot....I've experienced a few of this same situation.Errr...pardon me for venting it here tho.

But, something else captured my attention this time. A Chinese aunty...Let's call her aunty L,was helpful enough and didn't involve herself in that circle of group. She just worked and worked, find anything that she could help with instead of empty talks....That wasn't the first time I saw her kindness...Well, to begin with, she is my housing area neighbour but I never really opened up to her....Only had "hiiii-s" or small talks before I go out or coming back...Whenever I meet her, she would always greet me with a bright big smile! She takes care of the stray cats by feeding them, she goes to Giant and buys cat food and god knows what else for the cats! She sometimes treats food for  the "pakgad" on duty [definitely not cat food,lol]....She has this friendly/warming attitude and I know lots of people around my place know her.............She doesn't need to brag about her kindness verbally or textually but me myself...know how kind-hearted she is. May Allah open the door of Hidayah for her and protect her well-being  [she is a widow and lives alone].....She doesn't know this but she is one of my new inspiration...hats off to aunty L!

As a gentle reminder to me and to everyone:  Please don't go to people's event and be so judgmental. Just enjoy the moment,be happy and pray nice things for the newlyweds. Tak susah pun kan? Peace! :)

PS: Counting days to yet another bestie's walimah around after raya...Gotta find something blue  [which me zon like but nvm for my loved one...hohoho]

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Teacher's Day!

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires" -
  William Arthur Ward.

So today's the day where teachers receive presents from their students :)

A special shout out to ALL my teachers/lecturers/study group buddies/classmates/former naqibahs/former usrahmates and also friends whom are now educators all the way from Kindie [Starclyde Kindergarten, Willowbank Primary School, SK Setiawangsa,SKTSP, SMIH,SMKA BP, UIA PJ Matrics, IIUM]:


The best of all teachers: Prophet Muhammad S.A.W......Next,my parents :)

>>Sister Yasmin Mogahed, speakers during Twins Of Faith, speakers during Kfiqh, speakers during KJM,

For me, everyone who had given me life lessons be it directly or indirectly, deserve this special day ^^

Saturday, May 12, 2012

يحلو الوصال

e> Replayed all day long. Love the arabic because I can understand it...a little. [not ammi]. Guess I can still recall some, a little that is! *sigh*

Friday, May 11, 2012

Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah!

If you are grateful, Allah will give you more =)

I feel so ashamed towards Him The Almighty that I was not grateful enough but He still gave me what I needed (khayr inshaAllah)

I will embark on a new career journey around after Eidul Fitri (inshaAllah)

Some future doctors were born  [please take note AK :p]

New glasses to top the ice-cream feel :)


Monday, May 7, 2012

Life is short...

Last night was a moment to remember. A moment to remember how death is so near to us. How nothing is permanent.

Accompanied dearest AK to Hospital Ampuan Rahmah to visit her sister who was admitted to the emergency ward.While waiting outside the ward, some trollies with severely wounded patients passed by and it was a very surreal view.  I really don't know where I'm going with this story but yeah....those views kept me occupied with the thought that; LIFE IN THIS WORLD IS SHORT.

I pray to Allah to make ease for her sister to overcome her condition as I was once in the exact same condition. 3 months of utmost pain.

I myself took lessons from her case. I'm not a big fan of seeing le docs but a big fan of drugs...I mean, medicine. But, I always disobey the dosage given. Hence, makan ubat ikut dos yang diberikan it is after this!

Every soul will taste death. Then to Us will you be returned. [Al-Ankabut: 57]

Al-Fatihah to my super duper SMIH junior who just passed away due to accident. May Allah place her among the mukminoon. May Allah also protect her sisters who were involved in the accident. And may Allah gives the highest of patience to the parent.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Monday, April 30, 2012

Super Duper Awesome!

I just came back from an awesome event at Grand Ballroom, Flamingo Hotel,Ampang with dear sugarplums AK =)

JUTAWAN MUSLIM.  A convention organized by the super duper awesome Islamic branding, ILuvIslam.

Although we only came for the night session, many GEMS were picked up from the oh-so-amazing speakers.

They were; Imran Hadi, Dato' Azrin, Ustaz Zahazan, Dr.Sawiah Jusoh, Abang Man Dublin and Bro Imran Koyube as the moderator  [you can google up who they are]

These inspiring people shared tips,stories and motivational words to light up the spirits of the participants,mashaAllah...I must say, they were really really fired up, positively! :D

I recorded most of the speech but don't really know how to upload it in a bulk or where or..... [IT noob]

I'll just share some GEMS I managed to jot down:

-Jika kita sabar, Allah akan kasi lebih  [translation: If we are patient, Allah will grant/provide us more]

-Manusia yang baik adalah manusia yang banyak memberi manfaat  [Good people are those who give benefit to others]

-Terkenal di mata manusia adalah musibah yang besar jika kita tidak terkenal di mata Allah  [Having fame in the eyes of people alone is a big calamity if we are not famous in the eyes of Allah]

-Wealth and fame are the devils of IKHLAS but the secret weapon to destroy it; REPENTANCE. Work hard, work smart.

-If you have an idea, take action. Don't let it rot down or someone else does it.

-Wake up for tahajjud.

-If you don't have the love in what you do, you'll get restless eventually. LOVE what you do first.

-Jaga hubungan dengan Allah, ibu bapa, adik beradik dan sesama manusia. Hablu minallah...Hablu minannas.

-Semua benda yang baik akan menjadi baik jika diniatkan dengan niat yang baik dan diterjemahkan ke dalam bentuk yang baik.

-Successful people are those who win the battle with themselves every single day.

-Be Independent [Learn the history of Prophet Daud]

-Dream and Take Action

-Follow Your Heart because it Never Lies

-Update Yourself With Knowledge

-When You Are Rich, Be Humble

-Refresh diri supaya anda sentiasa BERSEMANGAT dan ISTIQAMAH.

I think that'll do justice to share what I have gained. Khair InshaAllah =)

Totally overwhelmed...in a positive way ^^



Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm coming home

The time has come...It's time for me to leave again.

The battle will start,right back at point A.


So I've noticed the dashboard for blogspot has changed. It has been a while...Had spent a very worthwhile time at home...Now I'm missing 'Swansea' :P

Well, not much to jot down here...Maybe some other time inshaAllah.