Thursday, March 24, 2011

I got 25 As for my SPM,thanks for asking =D

SO NOT!!!!


Today was the result day for 2010's SPM-ers.

I'm not so sure about the total average but pretty much sure it's been increasing from time to time.

And also not aware of what's the highest catch for this year. Last year it was 24As,wasn't it?

To sum up, I'm not watching the news fearing that I might vomit due to the it-shall-not-be-named-case/slander/ridiculity.

But, I really like watching the success of the less fortunate students like the "kurang upaya, anak orang susah+adik beradik ramai+yatim piatu+tolong jual air di pasar,etc". They inspire me a lot and I feel so proud of them.

Congratulations to ALL SPMers!    [if got any reading this]

There's a long road ahead of you   =)

p/s: I took SPM 7 years ago and the result 6 years ago. Man I'm so old now!!!hahahaha



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