Monday, April 30, 2012

Super Duper Awesome!

I just came back from an awesome event at Grand Ballroom, Flamingo Hotel,Ampang with dear sugarplums AK =)

JUTAWAN MUSLIM.  A convention organized by the super duper awesome Islamic branding, ILuvIslam.

Although we only came for the night session, many GEMS were picked up from the oh-so-amazing speakers.

They were; Imran Hadi, Dato' Azrin, Ustaz Zahazan, Dr.Sawiah Jusoh, Abang Man Dublin and Bro Imran Koyube as the moderator  [you can google up who they are]

These inspiring people shared tips,stories and motivational words to light up the spirits of the participants,mashaAllah...I must say, they were really really fired up, positively! :D

I recorded most of the speech but don't really know how to upload it in a bulk or where or..... [IT noob]

I'll just share some GEMS I managed to jot down:

-Jika kita sabar, Allah akan kasi lebih  [translation: If we are patient, Allah will grant/provide us more]

-Manusia yang baik adalah manusia yang banyak memberi manfaat  [Good people are those who give benefit to others]

-Terkenal di mata manusia adalah musibah yang besar jika kita tidak terkenal di mata Allah  [Having fame in the eyes of people alone is a big calamity if we are not famous in the eyes of Allah]

-Wealth and fame are the devils of IKHLAS but the secret weapon to destroy it; REPENTANCE. Work hard, work smart.

-If you have an idea, take action. Don't let it rot down or someone else does it.

-Wake up for tahajjud.

-If you don't have the love in what you do, you'll get restless eventually. LOVE what you do first.

-Jaga hubungan dengan Allah, ibu bapa, adik beradik dan sesama manusia. Hablu minallah...Hablu minannas.

-Semua benda yang baik akan menjadi baik jika diniatkan dengan niat yang baik dan diterjemahkan ke dalam bentuk yang baik.

-Successful people are those who win the battle with themselves every single day.

-Be Independent [Learn the history of Prophet Daud]

-Dream and Take Action

-Follow Your Heart because it Never Lies

-Update Yourself With Knowledge

-When You Are Rich, Be Humble

-Refresh diri supaya anda sentiasa BERSEMANGAT dan ISTIQAMAH.

I think that'll do justice to share what I have gained. Khair InshaAllah =)

Totally a positive way ^^



Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm coming home

The time has come...It's time for me to leave again.

The battle will start,right back at point A.


So I've noticed the dashboard for blogspot has changed. It has been a while...Had spent a very worthwhile time at home...Now I'm missing 'Swansea' :P

Well, not much to jot down here...Maybe some other time inshaAllah.



Friday, April 13, 2012

8.9 skala richter

Yesterday was a public holiday due to the installation of the new king of Malaysia. [Refer]  Everyone was enjoying their day when suddenly some states in Malaysia experienced the shaking motion. Not long after that, news went out about the earthquake in Indonesia [Acheh to be specific]. 2004 came flashing by. Panic alert was announced...that a tsunami might strike, citizens were advised to evacuate danger zone areas. All were preparing for the worst. A sense of repentance emerged,alhamdulillah.

After some hours passed, news reports revoked the tsunami alert. Everyone was relieved. Things turned back to normal. *SIGH*


When the earth is shaken with its [final] earthquake (1) And the earth discharges its burdens (2) And man says, "What is [wrong] with it?" - (3) That Day, it will report its news (4) Because your Lord has commanded it. (5) That Day, the people will depart separated [into categories] to be shown [the result of] their deeds. (6) So whoever does an atom's weight of good will see it, (7) And whoever does an atom's weight of evil will see it. (8)   [Surah Az-Zalzala: 1-8]

My current location is south. If I were to be at the place I've been all this while, I'd have experienced the shake! Like crazy kuat! Macam manalah rasanya hari pengakhiran nanti,kan?

May we all leave this temporary world in the state of khusnul khotimah,inshaAllah,ameen.

Monday, April 9, 2012

7 April

Sentiasa menjadi tarikh kegemaran ^^

Alhamdulillah untuk umur yang dipinjamkan sehingga ke saat ini.

Maaf...kantung amalan macam tak cecah 0.005% lagi...huhu...Kita cuba lagi dan lagi ye?

Wall FB macam biasalah...meriah..lebih luar biasa dari biasa giteww :p

Terharu dan Terima kasih kepada yg mengeWISH [coz I'm a linguist and I'm cool liddat] di medium lain lagi2 yang ingat by heart...tehee

TERIMA KASIH, mama dan ayah untuk segala-galanya...

TERIMA KASIH kekasih hatiku [my sweet and beautiful AK] kerana senyap2 datang my house waktu i xde kat rumah dan meletakkan hadiah di dalam mail box....Kalaulah orang curi tu,nayaa je,LOL

TERIMA KASIH enigma untuk kek pecan white choc itu   

TERIMA KASIH jiran baik hati yang memberi red velvet cupcakes....weeeee~

Harapan kita....Semoga semua berada di bawah lindungan Allah dan diberkati dalam urusan sehari-harian,ameen~~

Reality check:  TUA SUDAH!!!


Thursday, April 5, 2012


Exactly a week from my last post izen it? Currently I'm at my parent's and content. Alhamdulillah. Haven't started on my hunting on a serious mode yet coz....well.....try figure out from the previous posts. Received a couple of freelance jobs and felt so grateful to Him....Rezeki :)....Currently I am my own boss,teheee~

"If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor]..."   [Ibrahim: 7]

I like to hold on to that ^^

Pray for me so that I will get a better and honest job! InshaAllah