Tuesday, May 31, 2011



As promised to farah and fifi, I will share a little bit about this new USRAH that I just started a few weeks ago.

A sudden idea of wanting to join an usrah just came into my mind one day. But,due to some constraints,it would not be achievable so I took an alternative. I tweeted the idea and CCed two of my tumblr friends whom I've grown fond of and they responded positively,alhamdulillah. They were excited as much as I was :D. Then, I also invited AK and she also agreed to the idea. So, there were 4 of us. Later on, I decided to add some more members so I proposed the idea to two more fellow tumblrians and they also agreed so we set up a date to "meet" virtually =). The meeting was supposed to be on Saturday Night,after isya' prayer. I added them in my YM because,a noob I am, didn't know that we can conference via SKYPE 0_o

skipping some funny parts, our meeting started successfully on the first usrah. We didn't jump into a topic. It was only a taaruf session, getting to know better each members. There were Kak H,Kak S,dik N,dik M, AK and myself. Then, we discussed a little bit of what an usrah is and what topic should we be discussing in the next session.  Worrying that we might be misleading ourselves, I proposed to them the magazine Solusi for them to read and we could just pick a topic to discuss and they agreed. So, I sent them a soft copy.

The first topic we discussed last Sunday was about PATIENCE. Everyone [who were present] participated and shared their thoughts and SubhanAllah,amazing words! By knowing a few, we shared, making a few doubled up to more understanding and more reminders. Alhamdulillah.

As far as up to now, I do not regret this usrah. To be frank, I left usrah for quite a long time albeit the fact that I did study in an Islamic based University  [personal reasons] so this is a good way to join an usrah,at our own comfort. No force, no hard feelings,inshaAllah =). Just a little attempt to improve ourselves, simple yet hopefully constant inshaAllah =)

Oh yah,BTW, me and my fellow usrah mates [except AK], we have never met face2face. We were tumblrian friends for quite some time and we are not strangers anymore there so I proposed to them. Not only we gained knowledge, we also gained new friends, a nice ukhwah =)

That's about it I guess. Everyone can do this actually! Rather than chatting online pointlessly, better converse something beneficial.Jokes between the line is a NO PROBLEM at all  as long as we stick to the right purpose of the conversation =)

Allahu Musta'an. May our little effort be blessed by Him,ameen =)



Off updating and Walimah[s]


Pheww it's been a while. Many have happened along the M.I.A duration. Maybe just a quckie entry, let's see:

- The shocking news about the landslide incident. Al-Fatihah. May all of you whom passed away be placed among the blessed ones,ameen


-The Reunion that I could not join. Konvoi Gen6 SMIH to the Walimah reception of my table-mate,Maimunah and her husband and another classmate,Zikri dan his wife. Barakallahu lakuma wa baraka alaikuma wa jama'a bainakuma fi khair to both brides and grooms =)


-The very spiritual feeding Walimah reception that I just happened to attend earlier tonight. It was held at the Main Hall C.A.C of my beloved IIUM =). A very unique wedding,maybe to some people because, instead of playing musical instruments, or caklempong, or nasheed,they played quranic verses, hadeeth and displayed it on the big screen so maybe someone might be rajin enough to jot it down? :D [no,not me though].

I really loved the wedding just now...eventhough the bride comes from a  renowned background, and eventhough one may assume at first sight "wah kelassnya wedding ni", they actually made it simple. They have the extra cost to feed people with good service and good food, so what's the problem? And to make me more amused, the guests invited were of a variety groups of people. Tahfiz students, orphans were invited. Even the brides's friends were seated at the first two front tables! [Mine was table no.1!! betul2 depan meja pengantin di atas stage tu! :D]

The tentative was also simple and punctual. They really followed the time allocation, me likey! xde lambat2 ni! The du'a recitation from the bride's brother was nice, the speech given by the bride's father was sweet T_T, the quranic live recitation from this one tahfiz student was an Ear-Candy and the recitations played during our eatery,mashAllah just pleasant!

I also met my sweet INTIS friends [and all of them except two were married with one child or expecting another child TQ ]

Barakallahu lakuma wa baraka alaikuma wa jama'a bainakuma fi khair to Kak Wani & Zauj =)

A walimah well done =)

p/s: maaf ler kalau banyak grammatical error,word order rule error and error2 yg lain...Ai rasa kekoklah menulis di belogs ni yu...hohohoho



Wednesday, May 18, 2011

On being random

Assalamualaikum and Hi all!

How are you?!  [tho I'm pretty much sure no one reads this pathetic blog anymore,LOL]

Well I'm Alhamdulillah fine!

All hyped up and randomly updating S2S for no specific reason at all.

Yesterday was Tuesday [and no I'm not tuning to RB's song] and it was a public holiday which I had but seemed not. Why was that so? Because I received a task that needed submission today and me being me I zon't like pending task so I chained my brains to the screen and my fingers were dancing on the keyboard to finish it! [albeit the fact I said I wanted to rest yesterday..]. Did go out for Sushi but that was just it...*sigh for pathetic lonesome on a holiday*


On another random note I  would just like to share my thoughts on my favourite accents/languages...Shall we stroll now?

British accent  -without doubt 100% in love with it
Hindi/urdu - what's not to like about it?
Arabic - language of the Quran, melodious soothing pills
Spanish - La Usurpadora,Maghia Mercedes old folks tale..bahaha [speedy language]
filipino - especially when they speak English side by side
french - oui?
Korean - korean drama influence which I no longer watch
German - currently learning a bit
Japanese - currently learning a bit
Russian- currently learning a bit [ but they use Cyrillic alphabets so it's a wee bit hard for me,I'm only learning the basic phrases,as for now]

Mainly that's about some of it...Maybe I do have the linguistic love inside me after all,DUH for sure I have!


I'm very much excited with the Virtual Usrah that I am having with some beautiful ladies [tumblr friends]. The idea just popped into my head, suggested it, got some takers and we will have our first official virtual meeting this Saturday inshaAllah....Who knows, maybe I'll start loving back the actual usrah one day? Bi'iznillah~~~


The crazy psychotic ACID SPLASHER has yet to be found though...

** Can't wait for AK's RETURN!!! :D


Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Educator's Day! =)

"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery" (Mark Van Doren)

My heart reaches out to everyone whom have played their part in helping me be to what I am until now.

My beloved parents as my first "teachers".

To all whom have taught me from kindergarten until university:

  • Teachers at Strathclyde Kindergarten
  • Teachers at Willowbank Primary School
  • Teachers at Sekolah Kebangsaan Setiawangsa
  • Teachers at Sekolah Kebangsaan Tmn Sri Pulai
  • Ustaz and Ustazahs at Sekolah Menengah Islam Hidayah JB
  • Teachers at STARP
  • Ustaz and Ustazahs at SMKA Bandar Penawar
  • Lecturers at MCIIUM
  • Lecturers at IIUM

THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! May you all be rewarded for your efforts in teaching us~

Not to forget; to all my friends who have become teachers and lecturers, A Happy Teacher's Day to all of you too! =))

And to some special people in my life whom I consider as best teachers of life, indirectly,THANK YOU!



Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Musim Mencari Jodoh


I read this interesting article in Solusi magazine last night [isu.31] and felt like sharing it here so without further ado, let's get started! =)

Grateful that I found a piece while googling for the article [since I am still lazy to write..hoho]

credits to : HERE


Apabila seseorang itu mengetahui ciri2 idaman bakal pasangan masing2,,,so sekarang boleh meneruskan langkah dengan memikat hati mereka dengan :

Berdoa Bersungguh2 Dan Berusaha Dengan Tepat
Jodoh di tangan Allah s.w.t., tapi kita wajib berusaha mencari dengan usaha dan ikhtiar (dibenarkan syariat Islam) dan terus berdoa dan bertawakal, insyaAllah dapat jodoh yang diimpikan. Walaupun berdoa mengikut adab2 serta tulus, tetapi masih tidak dikabulkan.

Sabda Rasulullah s.a.w. yang bermaksud :
"Sesungguhnya doa seseorang itu tidak terlepas dari tiga perkara, iaitu, adakalanya diampuni dosa2nya, adakalanya diberikan kebaikan segera(dimakbulkan sesuai dengan permintaanya) dan adakalanya ditunda pengabulanya." (Riwayat al-Dailami)

Amati Orang Di Sekitar Kita
Mungkin orang yang hampir dengan kita itulah salah seorang yang mempunyai ciri2 idaman kita. Lumrahnya, kebanyakan jodoh kita terdiri daripada orang yang tidak jauh dari kita. Namun, masih tidak dinafikan ada jugak yang jauh seperti Malaysia dengan Bangladesh [from the article]

Tahap Pengabulan Doa
Sebagai orang beriman, kita harus yakin bahawa hal2 yang dianggap baik tak semestinya dianggap baik oleh Allah s.w.t.. Oleh itu, pengabulan doa ada beberapa kemungkinan :
  • Dikabulkan sesuai dengan permintaan dan doa kita
  • Dikabulkan hal2 yang serupa atau setaraf dengan apa yang diminta dalam doa
  • Dihindarkan kita daripada malapetaka atau bencana yang sepatutnya menimpa kita
  • Diampuni dosa2 dan diganti dengan pahala
  • Ditunda pengabulan doa sebab tidak baik kepada kita jika dikabulkan sekarang
  • Doa itu tetap akan dimakbulkan di akhirat

Tidah Mudah Patah Semangat
Kebanyakkan orang yang berputus asa dalam mencari jodoh akan bertanggapan negatif terhadap isu ini menyebabkan dia sukar BERTEMU JODOH.
Sabda Rasulullah s.a.w. yang bermaksud :
"Allah benci kepada orang yang patah semangat tetapi syaitan sukakanya"

Mengisi Hati Dengan Ibadah Tertentu
Setelah hati disucikan, kita perlu fokus terhadap tindakan kita untuk mempertahankan kejernihan hati kita. dengan ibadah2 tertentu walaupun sedikit, tapi jika ikhlas dan istiqamah, mampu menjadi benteng pertahanan untuk mengekalkan kesucian hati daripada sifat2 mazmumah!

Firman Allah s.w.t. yang bermaksud :
"Orang yang memelihara solatnya, mereka itulah orang yang akan mewarisi syurga firdaus, mereka kekal di dalamnya." (Surah al-Mukminun 33: 9-11)

Firman Allah s.w.t. yang bermaksud :
"Wahai orang2 beriman, bertaqwalah kepada Allah dan berkatalah yang benar, nescaya Allah akan memperbaiki perbuatanmu serta mengampuni dosa2 mu. Barangsiapa taat kepaada Allah dan Rasul-Nya maka sungguh dia akan berbahagia dengan kebahagian yang agung." (Surah al-Ahzab : 70-71)

Menyayangi Semua Orang Di Sekitar Kita
Semua orang disekitar kita perlu disayangi dan dihargai agar kita mudah dihormati. Orang yang penyayang mudah menarik orang lain sayang kepadanya. Sifat berkasih sayang sangat dianjurkan dalam Islam. Allah s.w.t. mengiktiraf bahawa sesama Mukmin adalah bersaudara. Oleh itu, bersangka baik dan sayangi lah orang lain sebelum bersangka buruk dan membenci mereka.

Sabda Rasulullah s.a.w. yang bermaksud :
"Mahukah kamu, aku beritahu tentang sesuatu yang apabila kamu kerjakan kamu akan saling menyayangi? Sebarkanlah salam antara kamu." (Riwayat Muslim)

Menyucikan Hati
Hati manusia sentiasa tertanam sifat hasad dengki,riak, takabur, benci dan sebagainya. Oleh itu, kita perlu muhasabah diri, bertaubat dan beristighfar serta memaafkan orang lain. Hati yang bersih akan terpancar ketulusan di wajah menyebabkan orang sejuk memandang. Maka, mudahlah orang jatuh cinta kepada kita.

Sentiasa Bersedia Bila2 Masa
Persiapkan diri anda walau dimana dengan berpakaian kemas, wangian, bersih dan ceria kerana tanggapan pertama sangat penting.! Tempat yang tidak disangka-sangka mungkin kita akan bertemu dengan bakal pasangan. Lagipun Allah sukakan keindahan kerana Allah itu cantik serta indah. So, jadilah hamba yang disukai Allah dengan sentiasa menitik berat kebersihan dan kekemasan diri.

Cuba Melengkapi Ciri2 Si Idaman
Kita perlu memperbaiki kelemahan dan beristiqamah serta bersyukur dengan kelebihan kita. Sebagaimana kita ingin bakal pasangan kita mengikut ciri2 idaman, bakal pasangan kita juga mengimpikannya. Maka, coraklah diri kita sebagaimana yang diimpikan oleh insan lain
Contohnya, seorang perempuan perlu menjaga wajah dan bentuk badan kerana satu dunia mengiktiraf kecantikan adalah faktor untuk menambat hati bakal pasangan, seperti :

  • Melakukan senaman secara istiqamah
  • Diet
  • Buat kerja dengan pantas
  • Kurangkan tidur dan rehat
  • Kurangkan santai dan bermalas-malasan
  • Gerak dan sibukkan minda untuk berfikir dan bekerja. Ini kerana, metabolisme anda akan tinggi dan tenaga yang anda dapat daripada makanan akan terarah kepada otak dan tidak tersimpan ke otot2.
Contoh bagi lelaki pula :
  • Bijak memilih fesyen atau warna
  • Pakaian dalam yang bersih terutama hendak solat
  • Memakai stoking yang tidak berbau
  • Menggunting rambut dan bercukur dengan rapi
  • Mengerat kuku tangan dan kaki
  • Meminyakkan rambut
  • Menggosok gigi dan elakkan mulut berbau
  • Bersederhana dan serba-serbi

Perspektif Jodoh

Yang Salah
Yang Betul
Jodoh tidak perlu dicari
Allah menyuruh manusia berusaha
Perempuan perlu menunggu
Sayiditina Khadijah meminang Rasulullah s.a.w.
Perempuan tidak banyak pilihan, sebaliknya lelaki banyak pilihan
Perempuan berhak memilih
Alang2 sudah terlanjur, diteruskan saja keran tidak mungkin lagi untuk bertemu pasangan yang baik
Allah s.w.t sentiasa membuka pintu taubat kepada hamba-Nya
Pasangan banyak perbezaan, tidak kekal dalam hubungan
Perbezaan boleh menjadikan pasangan saling melengkapi
Perlu cinta sebelum kahwin
Ramai pasangan bercinta gagal ke gerbang perkahwinan atau tidak kekal. Islam menganjurkan cinta selepas kahwin
Pasangan yang bercinta perlu merapatkan hubungan dengan selalu sms atau berjumpa
Selagi belum kahwin, syariat membataskan hubungan antara pasangan. Tidak dibenarkan bebas berjumpa dab bersms sehingga melalaikan
Janji manis pasangan harus dipercayai . Contohnya, lelaki berkata kepada wanitanya, “I tidak ada harta, tapi I ada cinta
Lelaki sedemikian tidak bertanggungjawab kerana tidak bekerja keras untuk mengumpul wang menyara bakal pasangannya. Hidup rumahtangga perlu banyak belanjawan.
Contoh lain : “I tidak akan usik U sebelum kita nikah
Dengan sebab wanita percaya, dia mula mengikuti lelaki ke mana sahaja sehingga menyebabkanterjebak ke kancah perzinaan akhirnya.

Sumber : 
  1. Dato' Dr Hj Mohd Fadzillah Kamsah
  2. Majalah Solusi Isu No. 31

p/s: this article entails nothing to myself though : D


On a different yet not too far from the topic note,I had so much fun going back to my parent's home in JB [walaupun sehari sahaja]. I managed to attend my sweet friend's solemnization night and also the reception [Walimah]. They both looked happy and I pray for them the very best in their marriage life. May their marriage be blessed until jannah,ameen =)



Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I turn 3 today! :)

The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible.  ~Vladimir Nabakov

Happy Birthday dear blog! It has been 3 years since I started blogging. All thanks to Sajid for encouraging me to do so :)

I have written all sorts of stuff. Some are worth reading while others may be pointless rants to the readers. I have changed blogs/urls since my first one due to some reasons but hopefully this one would last until I die :)

I enjoy writing, but currently,I've lost my mojo :((.  Hence, I copy-paste what's worth reading :)

Pray that I will get back my mojo, ok peeps?!

And...and....a BIG THANK YOU to readers who have been following my humble yet sometimes insignificant 'virtual home' slash blog :)



Sunday, May 1, 2011

for whatever reason,say:


receiving and losing....it's all part of life

May 2011

While the rest of the world are dealing with more serious matters, [we] chose to ridicule [ourselves] to the whole world. It's now everyday idiotic and immature scenes being dished to the [people],BRAVO [guys]!!!


On a positive note, today is the 1st of May which equals to Labour's Day. My very first ever! Weee tomorrow is also a day OFF from duty!!! Me like!!! =)

Therefore, I would like to wish  "HAPPY LABOUR'S DAY" to all who are in the working field! May we use our free time for good use,inshaAllah=)

The month of May is not a favourite month of mine but yeah....life must go on.....and the month of May also marks: WEDDING CELEBRATIONS!!!,lots and lots of them~~