Saturday, March 19, 2011


Being an adult is a very challenging responsibility. The tasks shouldered by our parents are now passed down to us [in the sense of experience]. This goes more specific when you are already in the working field.

You go to school, go to college,get a degree [anything equivalent] and you start hunting for jobs. Then, there's the reality of earning your salary and how to spend and save it wisely.

I grew up seeing people around me with different modes of managing their salary. Some just spend it like in a jiff and in the middle of the month, they are already broke. Some are wiser and know how much to spend and how much to save  [ya know for the future]. I see best in people who give some to others what they earn because they know, what they have been given, they should share some with others. And in this matter, giving some to their parents. It's not the amount that counts, it's the THOUGHT. I remember a phrase by Muhammad Adif's mom in "Dunia Baru"  [yes I know,lame...bahaha] where she keeps saying "kaf-ba-rho-ka-ta-nun", translated as "keberkatan" in Malay or "blessings" in English.

I strongly hold to that.

I have a very good close reference on this matter. My late pakngah [al-fatihah], he didn't earn that much but he managed the whole month for his family with his little pay and still managed to have some money left by the end of the month. His secret was: he never failed to give money to my grandparents every month. Not that they demanded it but he knew his duty and for that, his salary was blessed by Allah...

On the contrary, I also knew a particular person who earns like,A LOT but never gave a little of his LOT to his parents while they were still alive and his money was never enough.Always had to borrow here and there.

So,what's left to me was I just had to chose which one that is better.

I am still new to this working and earning salary thingy but I've always remembered those two of a few examples and without my parents demand, I managed to give some to my parents. Not that much but it gives me pleasure by doing so.

And if one day, if I am suddenly ALONE No More [ya know what I mean...bahaha], I will still keep on doing the same thing  [ working is a must for me, I can't do nothing,I'll die! ] <---blame Shakespeare for my hyperbole-ness

Oh no! I'm ranting aren't I? better stop now.

So ladies and gentlemen of the jury. In whatever you do, whatever you earn,remember,you still need "kaf-ba-rho-ka-ta-nun", OK? clear?

Allah's blessings are from our parents blessings. Bi'iznillah =)

If you wanna share some with me also can mah,LOL  *kecil tapan tangan,nyiru saya tadahkan* <--kecil ke?

[ok,kidding ja....hoho]



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