Saturday, November 24, 2012

Words cannot express

How much disturbed I am for what is happening in Gaza right now. The merciless Zionist dogs are killing the innocent lives of Gazan like they are playing a game on X-Box and they just don't seem to CARE about the world knowing their acts and urging them to stop. They think they are superior but they forget the One Most Superior is Allah.

We may take  [God have mercy on those who just don't care of what is happening in Gaza right now because they are living in a 'peaceful' land ] piety to the people of Gaza upon scrolling through the pictures of dead bodies but know this; they are very lucky to get syahid. For me, it's like having First Class ticket straight to heaven....How about us? What will be our ending? The sad thing are e lives remaining. Parents who loss their children, little children who loss their parents, who's gonna take care of them? May Allah protect them.

Israel will never stop until they get the rich land of Palestine and demolish all the Palestinians.

Unlike in the past, now we have so many sources to rely on and this time around, I see so many emphatic people  [be it Muslim or non-Muslim ] throughout the world making the effort to pressure Israel. For all we know, even the non-Muslims are boycotting some of the major contributors of Israel. It's a shame about what I see here though.....hmmm.... I know we all have different approaches of helping but to know the fact and still consuming them? May Allah have mercy on us who let our desire for 'those things' control us.

While people are doing their best helping the Gazan, there are still some knuckleheads stressing about " how hypocritical of those who are boycotting McD, Starbucks, and so on but keep on using Intel products, using facebook whom e pioneer is a Jew". I pity these souls, I really do. But yeah, to you, your us and to us, ours.

I've been reading from so many sources but I must give credits to HARRY FEAR who has been reporting LIVE from Gaza genuinely. And he is a non-Muslim. May Allah have mercy on him and give him hidayah. Reminds me of Rachel Corrie.

This thing happening in Gaza has been happening for a long long time. They kill some and more warriors are born. May Allah aid them and keep them strong.

For us who's living a very so-called peaceful life, let us be grateful. But don't be so comfortable and ignorant about the surrounding. We may think we're so lucky to be in this state but remember this; peacefulness and wealth are also tests for us.

Contribute as much as we can; prayer as the best of weapon, give donations, spread awareness [not HATRED] about what's happening and please, just please don't be ignorant and show it to the public  [ ohh e comments I read in FB, so sickening! ]

May Allah forgive us all, ameen.

[p/s: typos here and there....]