Saturday, August 27, 2011

Warm wishes

Ramadhan is near to its end,

Syawal is coming...

But the heart feels sad that Ramadhan is leaving, hope I have the chance to meet you again next time, inshaAllah :)

To anyone who dropped by to this little "house" of mine, I would like to wish:

Salam Eid Mubarak! :) May we gain the blessings from Him. Let's celebrate this joyous winning moment moderately as our brothers and sisters on the other side might not be celebrating it as joyously as us. Let's keep them in our prayers. Khair inshaAllah~

p/s: berhati-hati di jalan raya dan jangan main mercun :D

Friday, August 26, 2011

Diyya lagi ^^

Cerita pasal Majdiyya lagi aci tak?

Sebab macam obses la dekat budak comel tu..hehe [kembang ummu nya :p]

Majdiyya adalah seorang bayi yang sangat comel lagi pintar SubhanAllah, inshaAllah ;)

Tadi pergi melawat diyya dan ummi diyya di klcc lagi sebab esok depa dah balik johor lepastu kalau dah balik seghawak tak tau lah bila lagi boleh jumpa T_T

Majdiyya suka senyum, suka gelak, suka sembang!

Majdiyya pipi macam donut :D

Kalau bawak jalan, Majdiyya mesti lena dalam sling ummu nya [indahnya jadi bayi, pergi jalan orang kendong..hehe]

Semoga Majdiyya membesar menjadi puteri solehah kepada ayah dan ummi ye? InshaAllah

Dah besar nanti calling2 mummy tau, mummy belanja tutti frutti! hehe

* jiwa dah tak de kat kerja, almaklum lah, esok dah start cuti raya....

cuti seminggu,wehooo! Alhamdulillah

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday's with Eneszek and D-D-Diyya

I don't know why is the picture senget when published

Earlier today I went to meet the princess of Bintulu,LOL

Didn't sleep after sahur and was impatient to wait for morning. Joined the other early birds on the LRT [sebab minggu ni minggu last kerja before cuti raya so semua pun semangat pergi kerja awal ke? penuhhhh kot lrt pagi td...huhu] and arrived at klcc early too. So I went to the park and read the free "The Sun" given and waited for the cue from "the highness" herself :P

Around 8.30 am-ish, went to  **** hotel and waited for her highness to greet me at the lobby. Saw many young lads [Correction: FOREIGN {orang putih} lads] going down the elevator...hohoho

Went up to her highness's room and chit-chated/played with the lil cutie pie and aid her highness on bathing the lil pie until it was 10+ am-ish. Went for a tour around KLCC just for one purpose: CUPCAKES HUNTING  [I've been craving for 'em cuppies for so longgg!]. Settled some spending *lah sangat*, said our goodbyes and I was off back home  *sho shed*

Work as usual and had iftar,alone, as usual. THE END.

Ya Allah, 6 days more to go before hari raya....I think this year's Ramadhan passed by so quickly! Missing it already T_T

Salam Ramadhan yang baki....Mari mengejar Laylatul Qadar, inshaAllah! =)



Friday, August 19, 2011

Woh raat saheli meri

Sau baras guzre raat hue
Sau baras guzre din hue
Sau baras guzre chaand dikhe
Sau baras guzre bin jiye

Kyun pal theharta hai yeh
Kyun waqt badalta nahin hai
Yeh raah sooni hai kyun
Kyun koi nikalta nahin hai

Sau baras guzre saans liye
Sau baras guzre bin jiye

Palkein hai khwaabon se khaali
Dil hai ke bandh koi ghar
Kabhi rang thay nainon mein
Kabhi dil ko lagte thay par

Woh raat saheli meri
Sab taare chura le gayi hai
Woh dil jo tha mera
Ab woh bhi mera nahin hai

Hai khafa mujhse yaar mere
Kya pataa kab yeh phir mile

Hum toh charaghon se jalke
Baithe hain umeed mein
Kya jaane yeh kis ka
Rahe intezaar hume
Koi chu le mujhe
Kyun aakhir yeh lagta hai dil ko
Saansein bandh hai toh kya
Ab bhi dhadakta hai dil toh
Yeh tadap koi naa sune
Naa samaj yunhi dil hai yeh
Sau baras guzre raat hue
Sau baras guzre din hue

Sau Baras


The first thing I saw in tumblr today were countless pictures of innocent Gaza children, already dead in such vicious ways.

For me, the ZIONIST will never stop because that is the only agenda in their life and they are aiming at the little ones just because they are so chicken cowards know that the adult men and women have no fear in dying, in defending what is theirs, in upholding Islam until the very end so there's no thrill in it anymore. And this bold spirit would surely pass on to the little ones if they grow up so why not settle them down now. What a bunch of losers! Just wait for the aftermaths of your endless cruelty oh heartless people!

"Ya Allah, may You bestow Your grace and full love to the people in Gaza, in Libya, in Syria and throughout the world who are struggling each day in the name of Islam and goodness. They are such brave warriors, grant them peace and jannah in the hereafter, Ameen Ya Robb."

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

eneszek :)

there's this sweet lady,

who happens to be my friend,

we've known each other for many many years,

and yet the friendship still remains

Let me bring you all back to 1998,

where we met for the first time,

in a classroom filled with brilliant students,

but I ain't one of was in 5 Pandai

After primary school ended,

we went separate ways,


we met again, in 2003 and that was only for 13 days.

God really has a mysterious way of working things out,

we met again in matriculations level,

and the bonds began,

and this seemed it would last longer

I thank Allah, it did...

It's already 2011,

she's married to a warm-hearted man and blessed with their first beautiful daughter,

yet she still remains,

my friend.....

this is not a poem nor something poetic. I am not good with words. I just wrote whatever that came straight out from my mind. I guess when we love someone and we value the bond we have with them, the words can pour out naturally calm.

So...this is a post dedicated to you my friend. Although you have a new life but you never fail to ignite the sparks in our friendship. By the text messages and all the MMS-es that you've sent me, it always bright up my lonely life.

*amacam, tacing x?muahaha*

pesanan khas: my love might transfer to your daughter now, if that is okay with you? :)



Sunday, August 14, 2011

A better you, a better me

I like to love seeing people making the effort to change and be a better person. Wallahi I really do!

Like recently, I realized a coursemate is making the effort to wear hijab and wanting to be a better Muslim, I might not be telling her directly,but, the fact is, I feel so so happy for her.

There's this thing when people always say : "alaaa tunggu lah dapat seru/hidayah dulu" in matters like; covering the aurah for ladies, perform the obligatory 5 times daily prayer, etc.

It's really a very very WRONG perception. Hidayah won't come rolling to everyone, only to those He wishes... but if we have that "determined" inner feeling of wanting to make things right and we put our very best effort, then inshaAllah He'll show us the light.

Wanting to be a better person, a better Muslim might be difficult at first...We just need to take baby steps, one thing at a time, as long as we are persistent@ ISTIQAMAH!

So,friend, if you are reading this, know that I am so happy for you and will make du'a that Allah make the future path easy for you, ameen

May Allah make ease my path too,ameen...and yours too :) [to anyone who's reading this lah]

touched by Kak Dina's INI KISAHKU's video clip : HERE



I fall so easily with beautiful words......






best-est!  SARANGHAE

and people say that what is seems to be a loveless life is pathetic....

NAAAH it's not!

When we miss a plane,lose a job,or find ourselves unable to marry the person we want,have we ever stopped to consider the possibility that it may have been for our own good? Allah says:“But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows,while you know not.”(2:216)



Saturday, August 13, 2011


*tumpang lalu, lap2 habuk dulu..uhuk2 batuk..tebal 2 inci*


So how is everyone doing?  [deluded question]

For Muslim readers, how is your Ramadhan up until now? GOOD? InshaAllah kheir =)

It's been a while since my last post. Quite busy with work and stuff. Wanted to decrease the social networking addict syndrome hence, the MIA.

Many things have happened throughout this two weeks,right? And unfortunately, most of them are the scary ones:

- single lady killed
-dead body parts were found in a collapsed toilet
-now all PATI can be a legal part of Malaysia, *ptffff*
-the massive riot in London and other areas [including Manchester,sobs2]

Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi roji'un....

May Allah protect us from all the harmful situation, inshaAllah,ameen


bis wir uns wiedersehen~