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Sidang Jumaat yang dimuliakan Allah
Saya memperingatkan diri sendiri, dan menyampaikan pesanan taqwa serta tuntutan bertaqwa untuk kepada Allah, kepada semua hadirin Jumaat. Keimanan itu dicetuskan menerusi hati, dan ianya mesti dizahirkan penegasannya menerusi lisan, malah diaplikasikan pelaksanaannya dengan kemampuan, kekuatan dan kebolehan yang diberikan. My fellow muslims, let me remind myself, and remind the rest of you to attain taqwa and piety. This journey calls life, is meant to worship allah and continuously upgrading our commitment towards what is ordained, and avoidance of what is prohibited.

My fellow brothers

There is no text, old or new, that deals with the humanity of the woman from all aspects with such amazing brevity, eloquence, depth, and originality as this divine decree right from the first verse of surah An Nisa’, ‘O mankind, be dutiful to your Lord, Who created you from a single person (Adam), and from Him (Adam) He created his wife (Hawwa’), and from them both He created many men and women; And fear Allah through Whom you demand (your mutual rights), and (do not cut the relations of) the wombs (kinship), surely Allah is Ever All Watcher over you’. In the sight of Allah, women are completely equated with men with a clear cut statement in terms of rights and responsibilites. In surah an Nahl verse 97, Allah says ‘Whoever works righteousness, whether male or female, while he (or she) is a true believer, verily, to him, We will give a good life (in this world with respect, contentment and lawful provision), and We shall pay them certainly a reward in proportion to the best (paradise in the hereafter) of what they used to do’. This is a tender touch of Islamic teachings, indicate and educate all men of believers to respect women of believers. The men are responsibilities for the women’s dignity and security. The husband must be the shield to protect his wife from any harmful and disgrace. And by doing so, we as men, must enhance our knowledge about responsibilites towards women, and must perform the obligations given by Allah to ensure that the rights are delivered to women in full. It is so unfortunate to witness too many men misplaced the trust that Allah has given to them, when it comes to preserve the dignity and the rights of women. Many marriages turn into despair and one of the biggest factors is the incompetence of the husband to fulfil his duty as a husband. They prefer to put front their angerness and egoistic character above all rational and relevant issues. They mistreated their wife with violence and disrecpect. What makes this type of poor performance men escaped from current punishments has also got to do with the ignorance of women themselves to understand and pick up their rights as widely discussed and precisely presented in surah an Nur and other various places in the Quran. Based on Islamic history, Islam has produced richness with great achievements by women in all walks of life. Western was slowly accepted the rights of women very recently in the last century, but Islam has established it right from the beginning. It is impossible for anyone to justify any mistreatment of woman by any decree of rule embodied in the Islamic Law, nor could anyone dare to cancel, reduce, or distort the crystal clear legal rights of women given in Islamic Law. As for the western continents and their policies of embedding the concept of liberalisation of women and full freedom, it is also worthwhile to state that the status which women reached during the present era was not achieved due to the kindness of men or due to natural progress. It was rather achieved through a long struggle and sacrifice on woman's part and only when society needed her contribution and work, and due to the escalation of technological change. But in Islam, the dignified status of women was decreed way earlier, because of its intrinsic truthfulness, which, unlike human philosophies and ideologies, was far from proceeding from its human environment, a message which established such humane principles as neither grew obsolete during the course of time and after these many centuries, nor can become obsolete in the future. After all, this is the message of the All Wise and All Knowing God whose wisdom and knowledge are far beyond the ultimate in human thought and progress.

Sidang Jumaat yang dirahmati Allah
Saya menasihati diri saya, dan menggesa kebersamaan hadirin sekalian, untuk kita berperanan menjadi lelaki yang bertanggungjawab pada wanita, menjadi suami yang berlaku baik dan memuliakan isteri, menjadi lelaki yang memandang tinggi maruah dan kehormatan wanita, menjadi lelaki yang tidak mengeksploitasi tuntutan keduniaan dengan menjadikan wanita sebagai ruang untuk mengambil kesempatan, menjadi lelaki yang bersungguh-sungguh dalam memahami tugasan dan memperkemaskan pengetahuan berkaitan hak dan kewajipan yang wajib ditunaikan kepada wanita, menjadi lelaki yang berperanan dalam masyarakat untuk menaikkan martabat wanita Islam malah memelihara mereka daripada sebarang kemungkaran dan kemaksiatan, menjadi lelaki yang tidak menyumbang dalam apa jua cara, baik secara langsung atau pun tidak langsung kepada keruntuhan nilai kemanusiaan wanita. Benarlah apa yang disabdakan oleh Rasulullah, ‘ Tidak aku tinggalkan kepada kamu satu fitnah (ujian) yang paling memudaratkan (sukar untuk dihadapi) oleh kaum lelaki, melainkan (ujian itu) datang daripada wanita’. Ujian yang dimaksudkan dalam hadith ini tidak sesekali merujuk bahawa wanita perlu dipersalahkan setiap kali masalah sosial melanda kehidupan. Ia juga tidak menunjukkan kelemahan wanita untuk mengawal selia diri mereka sendiri. Tetapi lebih dari itu, ianya memberikan penegasan bahawa kaum lelaki perlu turut sama bekerjasama membantu wanita dalam berperibadi mulia. Lelaki tidak seharusnya menggunakan status jantina untuk menghalang wanita daripada mendapatkan kewajaran haknya. hanya lelaki yang jahil ilmunya sahaja yang akan menyatakan bahawa ujian wanita kepada mereka hanyalah atas faktor godaan dan kecantikan. Ia sebenarnya merupakan ujian dan medan melaksanakan tanggungjawab berat selaku lelaki. Baginda turut bersabda, ‘Wanita-wanita itu adalah adik-adik perempuan kepada kamu (wahai lelaki)’. Nabi memberikan perumpamaan tanggungjawab kepada lelaki bahawa secara logiknya, walaupun seseorang lelaki dalam keluarga itu tidak sempurna akhlak dan nilai murni diri, mereka tetap akan mempunyai sifat dan karektor untuk sentiasa melindungi adik perempuannya. Naluri selaku pelindung kepada maruah dan keselamatan diri adik perempuannya itulah yang menjadikan dirinya memahami malah melaksanakan tanggungjawabnya dalam keluarga. Seandainya ini dipegang oleh semua lelaki, output ini mungkin ideal pada sekilas pandang, tetapi ia nanti akan mewujudkan generasi dan zaman di mana wanita akan dihormati dan diselamatkan daripada segala fitrah kebejatan akhlak dan kerosakan sosial. Selagi lelaki tidak memahami tuntutan ini, selagi itulah wanita akan terperangkap dalam masyarakat yang hanya memuji penampilan, pakaian dan kecantikannya untuk kepentingan peribadi dan keuntungan organisasi, dan bukan satu penghormatan hakiki. Apabila lelaki atau mana-mana suami berperibadi sebegini, maka layaklah ia untuk mendapat hak ketaatan wanita atau isterimya. Dengan perkahwinan, seorang wanita mengorbankan ketaatannya hanya untuk suaminya. Nilai ketaatan itu amat tinggi dan bukan mudah untuk diberi. Tetapi ianya didedikasi kepada suami, lantaran tugasan, bebanan, tanggungjawab dan amanah suaminya adalah setinggi kalam Ilahi dalam ayat ke 6 surah at Tahrim, ‘Wahai orang-orang yang beriman, peliharalah dirimu dan peliharalah ali keluargamu daripada api neraka (sebab dan perbuatan yang membawa ia dan ahli keluarganya ke lembah kehinaan)’. Wahai sekalian lelaki, para suami dan ketua diri serta keluarga, ingatlah pesan dan wasiat nanti ketika khutbah terakhirnya dengan lafaz ‘Bertaqwalah kamu pada wanita (urusan hak dan tanggungjawab kamu ke atas wanita)’. Juga hadith daripada Abdullah bin Amru bin Al ‘As, bahawa Baginda Rasulullah S.A.W. bersabda, ‘Cukuplah bagi seseorang (lelaki) itu (menjadi) berdosa dengan (kelemahannya) mensia-siakan orang yang ia (bertanggungjawab) memberi saraan hidup (ahli keluarganya)’.

Barakallahu li walakum
Mohd Erfino Johari

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I was blog-hopping just now and stumbled upon a popular blogger's blog. She wrote about her trip to dot3 country where she is travelling alone using her own money that she earned from her part time job throughout the whole 2010 [okay, siapa tahu blog sape sila diam2 saja]

My point is: I so want to do that! I've experienced travelling alone before and it was fun! well,provided that the place I'm aiming for should have someone I know to tour me around and provide me a place to crash at. Yes, I also know the fact that, it is not so good to travel alone for a girl [urghhh! you're not young anymore], I mean for a sophisticated lady but it's just something that I want to do. One thing's for sure though, I'll be doing my Masters alone inshaAllah so that counts as travelling alone too! [ayat sedap hati sendiri]

Anyhoos, I once did a mind-mapping of what I want to achieve [you know, just like what Fahri 'ayat2 cinta' did] and I did cloud "TRAVEL" in that map. The budget that I put in that cloud was, RM10K ....cukup x ek?

My imaginary travel tour would be in: either; NZ [as in New Zealand, not NZ curry house wangsa maju tuh!], Germany, Italy [ influenced by eah], Al-Hambra [ forgot the country, go google plizz], Switzerland, Spain [ I always assume that spain,germany and italy are the same countries, don't know why], Korea [ a bit difficult due to language constraints but no worries!], Canada [wanna find my long lost teacher back then in Glasgow] and last but not least, IRELAND!   

So many countries ah! Must marry billionaire if I have such cravings mustn't I? dushhh!! That's just imaginary lah but bi'iznillah, might be one day I will be able to travel the whole world in 40 Days XD

Why didn't I put UK in my list? Because UK would be the place I'll be a PR so no need to travel vain! If you see me wander around in Msia in 20years time, please invite me for a paintball game and shoot me as many as you can!   [ok, still in dreaming mode.......about to end............]

Back to reality. I have a longggg way to collect money. Priorities come first so travelling must wait.But I'll be patient, no biggies :)

Dream big, efforts must be bigger


Another reality, esok cuti weyh! alhamdulillah.....I received my first salary just now so was thinking to treat family to something yummeyh! FAMILY IS MY PRIORITY, period.

*intended font and size to show emphasiz*
I iz karentli eksperiensing vain diziz

till then,



I'm back!


It's been a while. and prolly you have missd me *vain*. A big thank you to Zaboodee for taking care of S2S while I was away so there were no dust present :P. Anyways, some highlights:


I'm not the kind of person who takes "I don't know how to do this" that lightly. No matter how hard the task is, I always make myself "know" how to solve it eventually. It was a long practice during my uni years. SO, when I was blanked upon doing my working tasks, I sank into the well. [ kasi dramatic ckit :p]  Got so demotivated but alhamdulillah I managed to work things out after that. Hence, the depression era made me go into M.I.A mode or else god knows what I'll be ranting about here :D



It was a three days event last week. My cousin got married so we had to help around. Helped do the 'bunga telur' on Friday. Attended the solemnization process on Saturday evening and the reception was on Sunday. It was a themed reception and a first garden wedding for me. We all had to wear white which obviously I won't follow it....haha.....the best part about this family gathering would be the BIG QUESTION and the hooking ups. Ayyo headache jiddan! I gave a suggestion to propose to me this idea in 10 years time....lalalala

see the sunlight? it was so hotttt that day!

luckily got this cendol stall, not a cendol fan but just had to have it to quench the thirst:p [two mangkuk!]

the cake and cupcakes


As everyone should be aware of, Malaysia won the AFF Suzuki Cup. Even better, the Prime Minister declared a Public Holiday for tomorrow, 31st December :D

That should do it for now. Hope everyone will enjoy your time in whatever you are doing provided it does not go against the Shariah! =)



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Hi, I'm zabooooodeeee!!! [my owner gave me sucha weird name huh?!]. I will be taking care of S2S for a while as my owner is having some 'conditions'. Do forgive her okay because...hey...she's human too! [oops,sori mom I went overboard :p]. She sends her regards to all of you [yang mahu] and said : "don't miss me while I'm gone". Let's pray that she'll recover from her 'conditions' ASAP okay? Coz I'll be very bored playing alone here. I want to play with my friends: jane, magneto and bumblebee T_T

Till then,

adios amigoss

oh I forgot, she asked if anyone knows about Shaykh Hamza Yusuf ? A nice quote from him:

“God is with the broken-hearted. When your heart breaks, it’s a good thing – the breaking of the heart is what opens it up to the light of Allah. The dunya is designed to break your heart, to crush it.”

I told her to google it up but she is too lazy busy and just want a reliable source. Some help please? Thank you in advance. Here's some FRISKIES if you love cat food :D



No pain no gain

Whenever we are inflicted with hardship, with tribulations, always believe in Allah s.w.t. Always believe that this is an opportunity for us to be closer to Allah s.w.t".   [quoting back Mas Afzal's words]

No matter how difficult,STRESSFuL, blurry, emotionless life we are experiencing right now, remember that someone else is having a difficult life than us and may be a lot worse than us so stop complaining and start living with grace [ehh?] and gratefulness.

Lean on Him:

"...Sufficient for me is Allah; there is no deity except Him. On Him I have relied, and He is the Lord of the Great Throne." [At-Taubah:129]

"...Sufficient for us is Allah, and [He is] the best Disposer of affairs."  [Aali Imran:173]

well, not so dramatic like this tho :p

bersabarlah menunggu detik pulangmu :)

Just pause for a while and think of the happy things like:

see how "unstressful" this champ is?huahua





p/s: Just so you know,I won't be around this weekend. Get Away.MIA



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Smile! ^__^

TOP 12 REASONS TO SMILE. [copied from tuhh-emm-blurrr]


  1. It's a sunnah.
  2. It's free and priceless.
  3. It makes you attractive.
  4. It changes your mood.
  5. It is contagious.
  6. It relieves stress.
  7. It boots your immune system.
  8. It lowers your blood pressure.
  9. It releases endorphins, natural pain killers and serotonin- natural antidepressant.
  10. It lifts the face and makes you look younger.
  11. It helps you stay positive.
ketaq pun kena senyummmm

omoh kiupta!

hebak r tu pakai braces!

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"A tree was onCe a seed"

Clearly my Monday seems like a weekend because not so much works are (PT: were) given so I'm bored.
Anyways, I've decided to change my blog title as the above. Before, it was 'Sunoji Mere Dhost' [listen my friends]. Well, that title was so lame random.

"A tree was once a seed" 

A.K, hope you remember this exact spot :)

Two weeks back I went for a nice morning jog walk with my two naughty siblings and I saw all the big trees along the path and could not stop ponder how all those big trees were once a tiny seed. It's astonishing how that tiny seed turned out....or should I say, UP so tall and huge  [ yg pokok kerempeng maybe kurang zat besi]. And for surely, with Allah's will and power, it made it's way as a tree, shading us human from the bright sunny sunshine, oxygen excetera2. Life is also like that. You may begin with something little or at ZERO point but if you give your fullest effort to achieve a goal, inshaAllah you'll arrive to that success point regardless all odds.
[but,but..never forget surah 2 verse 216 ok ]

Another inspiration for me 

Can't deny the fact that I love and need to be inspired every now and then. And inspirations can come in all sorts of manners, it can be an inspiring person, story, or just by acknowledging existence [of anything].So do expect more inspiring stories rolling in here okay and hope we can take a lesson from it,inshaAllah =)

Hence, the title. The End



Inspiration [2]

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Compassionate

A continuation from : HERE

Just wanted to share this inspiring true story for our future reference

A friend of him wrote this in the comment section in his blog:

"I remember the last words uttered just before we last visited the night before he left the uk, 'if we do not meet again in this dunya we may meet in jannah inshallah'

Indeed the news of the death of my dear friend and class mate of 5 years (at Medical school) has brought great sadness yet Also comfort in the hope that inshallah he is now in much better place free from any pain, inshallah.

Having known Mas for the last 5 years studied together, lived together during some part of the final year and thus spent a lot of time together with him. I must confess how great of a person he was. Avery softly spoken person, who never offended anyone through his action or speech.he would always be there to helo and support whenever required. A regular attendee of the local Muslim welfare house and until his recent ill health would regularly make the long and steep journey from his house in Filey street to masjid even all alone in the. Early hours of the morning.

Even during this illness of his when talking to him I remember how strong willed he was always saying how ill health is a blessing from Allah and expiation from sins'and would bring a smoke to people around him who were disheartened by his illness yet never show any discontent or complain about his illness. He had such great trust and faith in the hands of Allah subhanallah....."

His mom wrote:


Mas Afzal passed away at 2.24am, 18th December, 2010. His papa, brother Andi, sisters Aiysha n Atiqah,uncle Shahrir n me were with him till he breathed his last. He was intubated and n in an induced coma from about 1pm the day earlier because he was having difficulty breathing n his Blood Pressure was getting very low.

Since he was admitted to the Ampang Hospital on December 2nd, he did not get any good night's sleep. Now, he can rest and wait for me n all of us to join him.

I thank Allah for letting me borrow him for the last 26 years. I am also thankful that Allah has given me n my family the opportunity to take care of him while he was in hospital.

Many of his friends visited him in hospital n he could recognise them all, even during the times when he was in a confused n sometimes delirious state because of the infection he suffered n the pure oxygen he was given.

He told me to make sure to wake him up if any of his friends came to visit. "I want to acknowledge their presence", he said. Actually I was surprised he could recognise all his friends who came despite the fact that he sometimes forgot that he was in hospital. At the end of visiting hours, I would ask him about his friends who came and he would describe to me who those friends are, what they were studying, how they met, what activities they have done together n so on. I could see he loved all his friends a lot.

I would always test him to see his state of mind by asking who I am..."Mama", he would always answer. Afzal did not sleep at all the whole night on Thursday and was either reciting versus from the Quran, performing prayers or doing the zikr throughout the night.I think he was trying to sort things out in his head n said whatever came to mind n since Quran versus were always close to his heart, those versus were among the things he blurted out. I was tired just looking at him but helpless to do anything, other than hold his hand, massage his back n stood by his side n by the graces of Allah, I did not feel sleepy at all throughout that night. By morning he was exhausted and all my efforts to make him stop n rest failed. The last hour before he was intubated, I kept testing him to see if he is still able to recognise me. Three times I asked him who I was. He would stop his blabbering and say "Mama".

N now, part of me is happy for him because he is no longer suffering but a larger part of me is missing him so much. My baby is no longer with me. I am no longer able to take care of him for he is now under a more capable carer.

I will always have the beautiful memories with Afzal, the moments together that only the two of us share...always.....Mama Afzal.

Truly inspiring.....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Inspiration [1]

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Compassionate

One day a woman whom before this did not cover her aurah properly [free hair] decided to wear the hijab properly. After being asked what made up her mind to cover her aurah, she told; "one day my husband was attacked with a mild stroke. After being admitted to the hospital and examined, the cause was due to high cholesterol. Despite the fact that he is still young he was advised to be extra cautious. It made me think so deeply about how death can come to us anytime no matter how young or in what conditions we are in at that time. What if I died and I did not have a chance to repent? What if I wasn't in the nicest way when death came knocking to my door? Because of this she decided to cover her aurah properly, as her first step to 'prepare' herself.


Allah is All Forgiving for those who sincerely repents.

Say: "O my Servants who have transgressed against their souls! Despair not of the Mercy of God: for God forgives all sins: for He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. [Az Zumar: 53]

Move on

I can almost see it
That dream I am dreaming
But there's a voice inside my head saying
"You'll never reach it"

Every step I'm taking
Every move I make feels
Lost with no direction
My faith is shaking

But I gotta keep trying
Gotta keep my head held high

There's always gonna be another mountain
I'm always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be a uphill battle
Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose

Ain't about how fast I get there
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
It's the climb

The struggles I'm facing
The chances I'm taking
Sometimes might knock me down
But no, I'm not breaking

And I, I got to be strong
Just keep pushing on

[bits and pieces of 'The Climb']

Inspired from the late Mas Afzal who....until his last breath succeeded in keeping his faith in Allah....inspiring so many people that no matter how life knocks you down, you've gotta keep moving on....with the life Allah has given you itself is a priceless gift.

With life and everything that Allah has lent me......alhamdulillah

Recharge and let's keep moving on! ^^

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mas Afzal

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Compassionate

I never knew him personally. The first time I knew him was when someone posted a video of him : here

He was diagnosed with 'Hodgkins Lymphoma'/blood cancer back in 2008 when he was a final year Medic student yet successfully finished his studies, mashaAllah!

Last night I saw a status saying he was admitted to Ampang's ICU and only to find that this morning, he's no longer in this temporary world

"Every soul will taste death. Then to Us will you be returned". [Al-Ankabut: 57]

[To the righteous it will be said], "O reassured soul,  Return to your Lord, well-pleased and pleasing [to Him], And enter among My [righteous] servants  And enter My Paradise."   [Al-Fajr: 27-30]

Mas Afzal, in a way, you have become one of my inspiration.

May Allah reward you with all His blessings and place you among the mukiminin. May Allah bestow His Mercy and ease your path to eternal happiness.

"whenever we are inflicted with hardship, with tribulations, always believe in Allah s.w.t. Always believe that this is an opportunity for us to be closer to Allah s.w.t. Always believe that whenever we are inflicted with an illness, it is an opportunity to experience, to clear our sins, to clean ourselves from our sins, with the hope that eventually, when we are clean, we can meet Allah in the purest of state, inshaAllah"   [Mas Afzal]

Rest in peace ya akhi. Al-fatihah

his blog





Split Personality:

 Multiple personality disorder, a neurosis in which the personality becomes dissociated into two or more distinct parts each of which becomes dominant and controls behavior from time to time to the exclusion of the other parts. [source]

Dissociative identity disorder (previously known as multiple personality disorder) is a fairly common effect of severe trauma during early childhood, usually extreme, repetitive physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse. People suffering from such disorders indulge in daydreaming or get lost in the moment while working on a project. It is a severe form of dissociation, a mental process, which produces a lack of connection in a person's thoughts, memories, feelings, actions, or sense of identity. Dissociative identity disorder is thought to stem from trauma experienced by the person with the disorder. The dissociative aspect is thought to be a coping mechanism -- the person literally dissociates himself from a situation or experience that's too violent, traumatic, or painful to assimilate with his conscious self. [source]

Along with the dissociation and multiple or split personalities, people with dissociative disorders may experience depression, mood swings, suicidal tendencies, sleep disorders, nightmares, panic attacks, sleep walking, deep seated fears, alcohol or drug addiction, auditory or visual hallucinations and even eating disorders. Other symptoms may include headache, amnesia, time loss, trances, and OBE (out-of-body-experiences). Some people with dissociative disorders have a tendency toward self-persecution, self-sabotage, and even violence (both self-inflicted and outwardly directed). As an example, someone with dissociative identity disorder may find themselves doing things they wouldn't normally do such as speeding, reckless driving, or stealing money from their employer or friend, yet they feel they are being compelled to do it. Some describe this feeling as being a passenger in their body rather than the driver. In other words, they truly believe they have no choice. (Information picked up from an article on



This 'condition/illness' had always fascinated me since the first time I got to study a little bit about it when I took Intro 2 Psychology.

Always curious at how the mind works for a person who has two personalities [actually always had so much interest with the brain part :p]

Anyways, I had just finished watching a Malay drama that was themed with this 'condition' and it was quite OK la for...not the lame theme over and over again but the storyline....well..a bit confusing and tangled.but....OK la. The title of this drama is 'Lakar' featuring pahrin ahmad and pasha sanda  [go google the synopsis if got any]

Skipping to the climax where pasha was drowned in the lake and she thought the adopted young bro was to be blame right after her hb pahrin saved her life but due to a 'touch hand on painting moment' she realizes that it was her hb that was responsible. So then the mother spilled the story out of how he first got the condition, the reasons and why the 'second him' did such thing.  [oh I forgot, his first wife died in the lake ]...The 'second him' hated women whom he generalizes as a home-wrecker  [when he was young his father left the family for another woman]. Later he tried to kill her again but she survived and he was arrested. The End

kembar google bagi,ayok!

I'm curious if he/she has that condition, how do the authorities press charges? because one part of the self doesn't recognize his evil twin so it wouldn't be fair for the 'kind one'? I recall an english movie that had this theme but forgot the title and the everything but it took years for the authority to learn that the person whom they sentenced to death wasn't guilty but the other part of him was so I forgot whether he died or was released  [lama sudahh].

A very interesting subject to be studied and discussed.

M.A in psychology perhaps? hehe...well....who knows what He has stored for me. Let's just hope I'd make the right choice later on =), Allahu musta'an

Friday, December 17, 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010

just a thought

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Compassionate

*no harms intended*

From Ibn Masood (ra) who said that the Prophet (sas) said:

“Among that which reached the people from the words of the earlier prophethood: If you feel no shame, then do whatever you wish.”
HR Bukhari, Kitab Adab, hadith no. 6120.

"If you don't have anything nice to say, remain silent"

Nowadays people think they have the power to express whatever they want freely and where's the best way to vent out everything? SOCIAL NETWORKING WEBSITES

OK,clearly not the right person to be specifying this matter [hint, just read this blog as a start sometimes yapping non-sensically] but hey...I'm speaking out to myself as a reminder too :D,so bear with me on this ;)

"Some things are better kept within yourselves and you don't have to share it with the whole world to know". People would be either; 1) they sincerely care  2) they just wanna gossip  3) they are just curious

And that is a problem why?

Well, as a start.......when you start yapping about a situation you have been through and you stated it so negatively as if  [no, you indeed are] you are blaming someone for the predicament you had to face then people start to ask questions....then you go around the bushes.....flames become a big fire.....comes in all those nasty swearing words....comes in all those immature statements that somehow does not even relate to the first statement given and look where it will end you to? random people who have no other beneficial stuffs to do join along the party and the 'chain' continues.

Where did it get you to?


a solution?

a peace of mind and heart?

or you just created a chain of sins and dragged everyone involved in the conversation with you ?

YES nobody can stop you from expressing your thoughts, but once in awhile, do try to THINK first before you express

Don't make people resent you but could not say anything at you because they know you'd make a big fuss out of it and twist it to something that would make you appear as the 'victim'

People 'tegur'  [ok I forgot what is tegur in english] you because they care....out of pure love for a human-being and if you could not take it positively, just don't blurt it out publicly because in the end, it'll just downgrade yourself infront of people....

Instead of asking for people's respect....TRY TO RESPECT YOURSELF's a start you know and a good one too =)

and let's TRY to have this feeling of SHAME towards Him....feel a little bit ashamed before you write,before you say,before you do and see what bad things you can avoid doing.

People help because they care and they ignored whatever bad things they know or heard about you so please,in return, try not to act so immaturely. Try to be grateful and respectful....towards Allah, towards yourselves and towards the people around you. You don't need to be a saint to do just need to practice the virtues of a human,a person and on top of that, as a MUSLIM

And [remember] when your Lord proclaimed, 'If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor]; but if you deny, indeed, My punishment is severe.' "
[Surah Ibrahim: 7]

Again, as a reminder to me first and hopefully you can benefit a thing or two. 

Thank you for your time




Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Selamat menginjak umur 23tahun buat A.K.A kesayangan  [tahun masihi], semoga Allah berkati hidupmu dan ceriakan hari2 gloomy mu di sana......

can't wait for you to come back and bring me presents!  [hahahahahahahaha]

and surely you are dying for your present and 'present',right? :D

you December babies make me feel OLD!! but age is just a number....I'm forever 19 :p

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A&L.......just like that. Hence, reminiscing is to be done

first ride in dooby with bestie =)

Remembered seeing some drunk lad trying to steal a chained bike while we were in the taxi.

Must be busy....extremely occupied with works and all, that way the mind won't wander around so far away

Till then........................

and's title-less

Monday, December 13, 2010


A poem titled: Do not stand at my grave and weep

Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep.

(1) I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glint on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.

(2) When you wake in the morning hush,
I am the swift, uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circling flight.
I am the soft starlight at night.

Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there, I do not sleep.
(Do not stand at my grave and cry.
I am not there, I did not die!)

Text by Mary Frye

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Puasa di bulan Muharram

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Compassionate

أَفْضَلُ الصِّيَامِ بَعْدَ رَمَضَانَ شَهْرُ اللَّهِ الْمُحَرَّمُ وَأَفْضَلُ الصَّلاَةِ بَعْدَ الْفَرِيضَةِ صَلاَةُ اللَّيْلِ

“Puasa yang paling utama setelah (puasa) Ramadhan adalah puasa pada bulan Allah - Muharram. Sementara solat yang paling utama setelah solat wajib adalah solat malam.”[HR. Muslim no. 1163, daripada Abu Hurairah]

Dalil Puasa Asyuraوَسُئِلَ عَنْ صَوْمِ يَوْمِ عَرَفَةَ فَقَالَ « يُكَفِّرُ السَّنَةَ الْمَاضِيَةَ وَالْبَاقِيَةَ ». قَالَ وَسُئِلَ عَنْ صَوْمِ يَوْمِ عَاشُورَاءَ فَقَالَ « يُكَفِّرُ السَّنَةَ الْمَاضِيَةَ

“Nabi shallallahu ’alaihi wa sallam ditanya mengenai keutamaan puasa Arafah? Baginda menjawab, ”Puasa Arafah akan menghapus dosa setahun yang lalu dan setahun yang akan datang.” Baginda juga ditanya mengenai keistimewaan puasa ’Asyura? Baginda menjawab, ”Puasa ’Asyura akan menghapus dosa setahun yang lalu.”[HR. Muslim no. 1162]

كَانَ يَوْمُ عَاشُورَاءَ تَصُومُهُ قُرَيْشٌ فِى الْجَاهِلِيَّةِ ، وَكَانَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ – صلى الله عليه وسلم – يَصُومُهُ ، فَلَمَّا قَدِمَ الْمَدِينَةَ صَامَهُ ، وَأَمَرَ بِصِيَامِهِ ، فَلَمَّا فُرِضَ رَمَضَانُ تَرَكَ يَوْمَ عَاشُورَاءَ ، فَمَنْ شَاءَ صَامَهُ ، وَمَنْ شَاءَ تَرَكَهُ

”Di zaman jahiliah dahulu, orang Quraisy biasa melakukan puasa ’Asyura. Rasulullah shallallahu ’alaihi wa sallam juga melakukan puasa tersebut. Tatkala tiba di Madinah, Baginda melakukan puasa tersebut dan memerintahkan yang lain untuk melakukannya. Namun tatkala puasa Ramadhan diwajibkan, Baginda meninggalkan puasa ’Asyura. (Lalu Baginda mengatakan:) Barangsiapa yang mahu, silakan berpuasa. Barangsiapa yang mahu, silakan meninggalkannya (tidak berpuasa).”[HR. Al-Bukhari no. 2002 dan Muslim no. 1125]

أَنَّ رَسُولَ اللَّهِ -صلى الله عليه وسلم- قَدِمَ الْمَدِينَةَ فَوَجَدَ الْيَهُودَ صِيَامًا يَوْمَ عَاشُورَاءَ فَقَالَ لَهُمْ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ -صلى الله عليه وسلم- « مَا هَذَا الْيَوْمُ الَّذِى تَصُومُونَهُ ». فَقَالُوا هَذَا يَوْمٌ عَظِيمٌ أَنْجَى اللَّهُ فِيهِ مُوسَى وَقَوْمَهُ وَغَرَّقَ فِرْعَوْنَ وَقَوْمَهُ فَصَامَهُ مُوسَى شُكْرًا فَنَحْنُ نَصُومُهُ. فَقَالَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ -صلى الله عليه وسلم- « فَنَحْنُ أَحَقُّ وَأَوْلَى بِمُوسَى مِنْكُمْ ». فَصَامَهُ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ -صلى الله عليه وسلم- وَأَمَرَ بِصِيَامِهِ.

“Ketika tiba di Madinah, Rasulullah shallallahu ’alaihi wa sallam mendapati orang-orang Yahudi melakukan puasa ’Asyura. Kemudian Rasulullah shallallahu ’alaihi wa sallam bertanya, ”Hari yang kalian bepuasa ini adalah hari apa?” Orang-orang Yahudi tersebut menjawab, ”Ini adalah hari yang sangat mulia. Ini adalah hari di mana Allah menyelamatkan Musa dan kaumnya, dan Fir’aun dan kaumnya ditenggelamkan. Musa berpuasa pada hari ini dalam untuk bersyukur, maka kami pun berpuasa pada hari ini”. Rasulullah shallallahu ’alaihi wa sallam lantas berkata, ”Kami lebih berhak dan lebih utama mengikuti Musa daripada kalian.”. Lalu setelah itu Rasulullah shallallahu ’alaihi wa sallam memerintahkan kaum muslimin untuk berpuasa.”[HR. Muslim no. 1130]

أَنَّ أَهْلَ الْجَاهِلِيَّةِ كَانُوا يَصُومُونَ يَوْمَ عَاشُورَاءَ وَأَنَّ رَسُولَ اللَّهِ -صلى الله عليه وسلم- صَامَهُ وَالْمُسْلِمُونَ قَبْلَ أَنْ يُفْتَرَضَ رَمَضَانُ فَلَمَّا افْتُرِضَ رَمَضَانُ قَالَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ -صلى الله عليه وسلم- « إِنَّ عَاشُورَاءَ يَوْمٌ مِنْ أَيَّامِ اللَّهِ فَمَنْ شَاءَ صَامَهُ وَمَنْ شَاءَ تَرَكَهُ.

“Sesungguhnya orang-orang Jahiliah biasa melakukan puasa pada hari ’Asyura. Rasulullah shallallahu ’alaihi wa sallam pun melakukan puasa tersebut sebelum diwajibkannya puasa Ramadhan, begitu pula kaum muslimin saat itu. Tatkala Ramadhan diwajibkan, Rasulullah shallallahu ’alaihi wa sallam mengatakan: Sesungguhnya hari Asyura adalah hari di antara hari-hari Allah. Barangsiapa yang ingin berpuasa, silakan berpuasa. Barangsiapa meninggalkannya juga silakan.”[HR. Muslim no. 1126]

Dalil Puasa Tasu'a

Ibnu Abbas radhiallahu ’anhuma berkata bahawa ketika Nabi shallallahu ’alaihi wa sallam melakukan puasa hari ’Asyura dan memerintahkan kaum muslimin untuk melakukannya, pada saat itu ada yang berkata,

يَا رَسُولَ اللَّهِ إِنَّهُ يَوْمٌ تُعَظِّمُهُ الْيَهُودُ وَالنَّصَارَى.

“Wahai Rasulullah, hari ini adalah hari yang diagungkan oleh Yahudi dan Kristian.” Lantas Baginda mengatakan,

فَإِذَا كَانَ الْعَامُ الْمُقْبِلُ - إِنْ شَاءَ اللَّهُ - صُمْنَا الْيَوْمَ التَّاسِعَ

“Apabila tiba tahun depan –insya Allah (jika Allah menghendaki)- kita akan berpuasa pula pada hari kesembilan.” Ibnu Abbas mengatakan,

فَلَمْ يَأْتِ الْعَامُ الْمُقْبِلُ حَتَّى تُوُفِّىَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ -صلى الله عليه وسلم-.

“Belum sampai tahun depan, Nabi shallallahu ’alaihi wa sallam sudah meninggal dunia.”[HR. Muslim no. 1134]

Baca details di sini  :

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Changing is good

Changing for the better cause is even excellent

But, when you start belittling others as if you have never been in their shoes, ghalat hai, so wrong!

We must never forget He Who could give us the 'nur' could also take it away, na'uzubillah

Allahu musta'an...



Friday, December 10, 2010

A very meaningful week

Alhamdulillah....Friday already and today marks the last day of gaining so much life experiences [akin to knowledge] from my boss who's gonna fly back to his country tomorrow.

Throughout this whole week, I have known many things about work in general [don't wanna bore you with the details]. How to make a deal with people, specific words unsuitable when you negotiate with people [it'll make you appear unprofessional so pity if you work at klcc but don't have that privilege of having the right negotiating skill <---refresh blk subjek DA+LOP :D]. About the importance of Islamic injections in whatever you do. About team work, about team members being a family, about dedication, about commitment [ok, now I'm just playing around with the same words]. About no matter where or what the situation is, we must still adhere to the Islamic rulings  [ handshakes-solah-istikharah-say gratitudes to Allah....].

Just the way I  hoped for when I hesitantly had to work first instead of pursuing my MA  [which I also pray it'll be soon]

Boss said: joining [the company] is like marriage. You want to give the best of commitment to make it successful.   [kan da xpasal2 tukar status married puloks...ha...ha...ha]. But, he's absolutely right!

Marriage equals to commitment no matter in what state we are in  [married to life,religion, study,work,spouse,family...], all of them need commitment or else how can it stay strong until the end,right?  [ok,I forgot there's this 'compromise thing' ]

Having that said, next week I'll resume to my previous working conditions until the SO matter is completed and I must go to the actual SO once a week. But, the SO is too gorgeous and futuristic and I don't mind going there everyday, I guess :)

Alhamdulillah for everything



Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It has been 8 months since I left the title as a student. Precisely 8 months. My last paper was on the 8th of April [3-5Pm] and today it is the 8th of December. A long unnoticeable 8 months. How time flies by so quickly.

Studying had always been the apple of my eye something that seems stressful yet enjoying at the same time. The ambiance you get in different classes with different lecturers and different classmates with 1001 colourful characters are such an awe experience. Sometimes a classroom can be so dull till you literally sleep with your eyes wide open even if it was the first class in the morning and sometimes you just can't wait to go to a class where you find the whole factors [lecturer-subject-classmates] interesting <--unfair right? I know most of you are just like me, teheee :p. Everyday can be different, the mood, the excitement, the whom you meet and what they did that could influence your life  [alahai mcm ayat novel lah pulak]

And now, after 8 long months, tip-toeing a new life as an employee sure feels different. Adapting is something hard and even harder for an introvert like me but I'm very good at playing confident so that would be one of my precious weapon.

Say.....actually I terribly miss the old life back-forwarding more than 8 months ago. That hectic+pressuring+demanding lecturers+ridiculous amount of assignments-PRESENTATIONS+sometimes bored to death classes would be the ones I'd truly want to re-live once again even if it meant only for a week.

See....don't get me wrong here. I don't resent my current life in fact I'm enjoying it day by day but the working force is not the same as the studying phase.

 But, the concept stays: learning new things everyday but work also means applying what I learn so goodbye Shakespeare I don't need you in my new life...haha [sorry literature lovers :D] and also it is still an AMANAH for me to treasure and do things appropriately and dedicatedly, just like when I had to do my assignments, yeahh still the same.

What I want to say is: while you are still in a situation [be it studying-working-young-healthy,etc], try to create nice memories out of it, try to be more appreciative, try to be more grateful, try to make things right before it all becomes a PAST TENSE and leaves you what I'm doing.....melancholically blogging about it....huahuahua

p/s: the italicized words are not that valid so don't use it in formal usage okay :p

I can't wait to do my Masters! I hope the time will come very very soon :), inshaAllah, pray for me eyh?! mucho gracias in advance ^^

IKLAN: DIKESEMPATAN INI JUGA SAYA INGIN MENGUCAPKAN TAHNIAH KEPADA RAKAN2 YANG SUDAH SAH bernikah BERGELAR GRADUAN UIA DAN YANG SUDAH MENDAPAT PEKERJAAN, MABRUK KEPADA SEMUA! ^^. Kepada yang belum, jangan sedih2....rezeki Allah ada dimana2,jgn putus mencari dan berdoa kepadaNya...I pray you all the best =)



Tuesday, December 7, 2010


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Compassionate

Alhamdulillah pagi Selasa 1 Muharram kunjung tiba

Pagi Selasa yang dimulakan dengan mendengar kuliah online dari Ustaz Elfino Johari live from London 

tapi sayang xsempat dengar dari mula...hopefully adalah orang yang akan buat overall review nanti,siapa2 tahu minta jasa baik bg link ye :)

Tajuk kuliah ialah: WOULD YOU MARRY YOURSELF?

So sebab xsempat nak dengar dari mula, hanya sempat dengar sesi Q&A sahaja, dibawah ada beberapa quotations dari ustaz sendiri merujuk kepada soalan2 yang ditanya. Correct me if I got any info wrong:

Ye, sebab jodoh itu REZEKI dan rezeki mesti dicari

Kalau kita nak menilai kebaikan2 dalam diri seseorang [dalam hal mencari jodoh rasanya], kita kena nilai kebaikan diri kita dahulu. Kitalah yang perlu mencantikkan akhlak dan perilaku diri. [ mahukah kita berkahwin dengan diri kita atas pantulan itu???]

Apa hukum kalau xmahu terima jodoh yang telah ditetapkan oleh parents?
Tak salah sebab semuanya kembali kepada keredhaan si wanita/lelaki itu  [dengan kompromi lah]

Apa nak jawab kalau tanya "bila kau nak kawen?"
Cuba letakkan sasaran instead of the lame answers [more to loyar buruk]

So....after answer would be.....jeng3.....tunggulah siapa berani nak tanya lagi...haha

Kita tidak boleh diskredit/disregard atau merendah2kan diri sendiri sebab rasa diri xlayak untuk sekian2 individu  [rumusan]

Bukan dikalangan pengikut nabi kalau menolak sunnahnya T_T....tetapi....ada tetapinya....

Wah,ada recorded link  : BOLEH DENGAR KULIAH ONLINE DISINI ^^  [org Msia pun dengar ustaz:p]



Monday, December 6, 2010

Maal Hijrah


Alhamdulillah praises be to Allah for everything He has given up until now

We have entered a new year. 1 Muharram 1432 Hijrah

1431 Hijrah has been a very momentous year for me. A life turner. Just a little glimpse of the meaningful events that happened throughout the year:

April until July:
Graduated early
Visitted family in Manchess and stayed for around near 3 months
Bestie came to Manchess
Went to visit bestie in Dublin   [ okay, Ireland is a must explore country, noted!]
Got my first freelance job

August until October:
Launched a little translating/editing/proofreading service
Had the first interview experience but was rejected because I innocently blurted out my 2-3 years future plan [nak sambung buat Master....patut diam2 je] but I accept it as "not my rezeki"
Settled all the clearance matters and had a chance to visit friends in UIA for a couple of times but when you're no longer an official part of the system, you feel awkward and inferior
Had my Convocation Day
Applied for a freelancer position and did a test

After 3 weeks, received an email saying I passed the test and there was an interview requirement so felt awkward because why need interviews for freelance works but it was on skype so no problemo
After the interview, I was offered a full-time position instead of freelance
Agreed due to the terms and everything as I wanted something that will last long [commitment wise]
Signed the agreement
Sort of online training using CAT tools 
Dinner party with the girls in ASIAH  [sweet memory of celebrating their graduation]

Received first work on the 1st of December, very technical-ish and demanding in terms of dateline per day but managed to settle all by the end of the day.
First time meeting with the boss face2face on 5th of December
First time meeting with another colleague and worked in the temporary actual office in Menara Citibank [for a fresh graduate like me, the office was biggg and very exclusive...]
Will be working at the office until Friday inshaAllah before boss flies back to his country on Saturday

Alhamdulillah....I had to wait for awhile but at last, He gave me the best !

New year's resolution:

Work hard and be an expert on the tools I will be using   [inshaAllah]
Do Master with Allah's will
Be a better person in all aspects
Earn many money
Weddingsssss  [ more and more friends and besties are getting married]
Take things one at a time and do it wonderfully I hope bi'iznillah
No need long list just do the best in whatever I do =)

Dear self:

Looking at the 1431 list ,you should be so grateful. For 1432, improve better OK?

So, everyone: Salam Maal Hijrah. May Allah bless us all ^^



Sunday, December 5, 2010

W in Snow

one of my junior slash school dorm mate made this

pretty cool eyh? thumb tack-ing one by one

Kudos to her =)

day one of meeting boss could be sum up with: awkward-ok-relieved-not bad at all, syukur alhamdulillah ^^



Saturday, December 4, 2010


Just a short note,

So, Malaysia has been stressed out once again with the increment price of 4 things namely petrol, diesel, liquified petroleum gas and sugar. No big deal, Malaysians are all rich and living in bungalows and all, no homeless people, no slumdogs bla3.... that is what they call it as the 'citizens rights'. So, yea! let's celebrate! There was a long row at most of the petrol stations last night, even this morning, don't know why is that so...

Tomorrow's gonna be a LONG day as I will be working with the boss who just came to Malaysia, pretty cuak to meet him personally for the first time. Hope the nervousness won't show out that obvious...ameen...inshaAllah