Tuesday, June 28, 2011


"Politics are dirty when the people in it play dirty"

As fellow Malaysians who live in Malaysia and follow the mainstream media, probably you may notice what's in the news everyday..I mean the latest one. Those fire of paranoid that seem too ridiculous and a bit...embarrassing?

The main point of that particular event is just to pass over a memo about the coming general election. Some changes consented by a group of people in order to gain a proper and clean election. But, suddenly we hear in the news, this event will lead to so many unwanted incidents, chaos, riot and whatnot.

We all know that those kind of incidents are triggered by the fact that those so called peace armies will fire up tear gas, sudden stroke and arrest peole that will lead people to panic and...well, you know the rest. This is the case, most of the time. And they "big people" will call it a "riot".

You can read the rest elsewhere...The thing that disturbs me about this matter is about one of the well-known Malay poet and literary exponent has been interrogated due to one of his artwork that they accuse of being a "threat"...LOL what nonsense

I've read the poem and I think it's a beautiful poem [which I hardly give such comments as I'm not a big fan of poems].

This matter has turned from absurd to extremely ridiculous. That's all I can say.

good day to all!

don't go out and wear yellow, you might get arrested for that!!!!!! :D



Wednesday, June 22, 2011

experience with AA

One day while I was skyping with AK, we had this chat about how AA was offering a very crazy cheap deal for their flight. This was when ummi Majdiyya told in tumblr about a RM1 one way flight to Bintulu so I just randomly opened their site and searched for a crazy deal like that to anywhere. But...uhmm..clearly travelling to a foreign country ain't in my league as for now as my savings shouldn't be wasted like that so I entered my home sweet hometown JohannesBerg [J.B la tu] and there it was, a crazy deal indeed. So, I just booked via online [gler kentang semangat kan?!]

So, a week prior to my 45 minutes flight back to JB, I googled some info on LCCT,how to get there, what interesting things to do excetera2. I'm familiar with the whereabouts of klia but certainly not LCCT.

The later evening before the date, my sweet enigma accompanied me to LCCT. We took LRT from Setiawangsa to KL Sentral and took the direct bus to LCCT which costed RM8 for one way journey and RM14 for return journey [for enigma that is]. The bus left kl sentral at 10PM sharp and arrived at lcct at 10.50PM sharp.

OK, was quite amused as from the reading that I googled, it wasn't a pleasant place but I think, it was OK. It had many food outlets namely McD,MarryBrown,KFC,an Indian restaurant something, Coffee Bean, Starbucks and some other more which I didn't survey. The inside airport was air-conditioned so it was OK for me lah :)

We lepak in McD until 2AM-ish before we took the liberty to walk around. My my the inside part was full of people sleeping here and there. No seats were available for us to rest so at last we duduk lepak in front of the enquiry counter [because got plenty unoccupied plugs summore,weeee~~].


tak lama kemudian, ada lah beberapa chinese girls pun ikut lepak dengan ktorg siap alas surat khabaq nak tidoq...selamba betui. Yang xbestnya pak2 polisi sikit2 nak meround port ktorg...ish2 rimas ok! Nothing much were done, we just surfed the Internet [free wifi!] and I watched two episodes of PB before it watched me [tertidoq sat]. Around 4 AM we walked around summore and found two seats just beside the wrapping counter so we sat there and watched the International passengers queue to check-in their luggage. IDK but for me, the queueing system was quite confusing  [or because I was so sleepy already]. We dozed off for a while and woke up around 5.30 AM. Went for Subuh and at 6AM, me and Enigma said our goodbyes. I went into the departure lounge  [bahagian scan paling sempoi mcm boleh letak apa2 je dlm beg...haha]. Departure lounge pun OK lah,selesa, ada toilet, ada surau, ada kedai makan, ada stalls,ada duty free shop yang jual chocs  [feeling2 nak g obersis gitu]

Later, the passengers to JB were summoned and we had to walk a few distance to the plane  [part paling malas]. How about the inside of the plane??? OK lah..for a short distance journey, I won't complain much. Ofcourse the seating's are quite sempit but hey, it's an airbus  [kinda reminded me of RyanAir :D]. The AC was cool and cold and I loved it! [YES, big fan to anything cold] and I dozed off [again] even before the plane departed  [xpakai seat belt segalak]. 45 minutes later, we arrived in Sultan Ismail Airport and the rain just stopped so touch down was a bit bumpy. Haha apa motif naik plane pun xtau, xde pengalaman dlm plane pun :p

Xsabar pulak nak naik from JB to KL really soon.

Oh what rubbish am I writing? Well, what's done is done.

Siapa2 yang teringin nak naik plane bolehlah rajin2kan diri buka laman web Air Asia. Mana tau ada flight return murah ke London ke Switzerland ke Jepun ke... xpun dalam negara ke? mcm balik JB pung boleh...kui3



quick note

Life's good as for the time being alhamdulillah. I'm at my parent's. Already re-united with AK and met the cute lil princess Majdiyya =)

Internet connection is a wee bit slowww [really2 slow] as I'm using C****M Berukroadband.My my the level of patience I have to endure everyday! :D. I was told that it was the so-called fastest mobile connection in my area,LOL for that!

Till next time!


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ahlan Wa Sahlan, ya Majdiyya =)

sedut from eizaz's album, pemisi ya pak?

My sweet friend Sajidah had given birth to her first daughter earlier today. The baby's name is Majdiyya. An arabic name which gives the meaning of..and I quote her husband's comment "kemuliaan yang diwarisi". SubhanAllah,great name!

To SAJIEDAZ [as I refer to them both], Mabruk!

May your little princess grow up to be a fine fine Muslimah, inshaAllah,ameen =)

Can't wait to visit and take lotsa pictures of baby pink =)

p/s: geram tang kaki...rasa nak gigit2 je :p



Monday, June 6, 2011


I am so so much demotivated right now. I feel like I'm trapped in a maze, an endless trap. Work is so tiring and talk about working from home! I have to stay up until 3-4 am. Sometimes I don't sleep at all yet tasks keep on coming. Headaches and panadols are like my two new best friends right now. Chayok2 me!!! T_T

Today is Mama's birthday! =) Happy Birthday Mama. May Allah shower you with His love and blessings,ameen. I love you so much! <3

AK is already in Malaysia,so excited to go back to JB soooooooon! =)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Maybe....just maybe....if I wait a little bit longer