Sunday, March 20, 2011

Moon: Where art thou?


Last night, I happened to notice how bright the sky was outside...They say due to the once every 20years full moon phenomena where we could actually view it up close. Well, I didn't went out so I could not view the moon.

So,I made a status that goes: "SubhanAllah,the sky is so bright tonight" and from a few comments, we managed to collectively make out a short poem that goes like this [totally random I must say]:

The sky is so bright tonight
and the air is cold and breezy
But wait,
where is the moon?
Oh,it is shield behind the clouds,
...SubhanAllah,how great the Creator is...


It goes even better. My sweet and creative with rich vocabs happened to make a beatiful poem like in seconds [gempah seyh!]


I could hear the sounds and the voiceless zephyr wind chiming the hall of the blue sky... 
 In the shelter beyond my restless sweet homey. 

Makes me wonder,
ponder to lift up myself aside from my busy day against His greatness in this world. 

SubhanAllah, said my dearest friend Wanek, the sky is so bright tonight, 
as I replied..."and the air is cold and breezy"

  No air-conditioner and fan could detour His power over everything. 

When the rain meet the night and when the sky meet the peak of the day,
it would be the jealousy of the world closest stage - the sun. 

Open it wings unto the wide jaunty happiness for those who value this beautiful sign of Lord of the sky.   

Brighter than the moon, indeed the sky is so bright tonight.


Matters like this, really do boost up the mood to be a teeeny weeeeny bitsy....ermmm...poetic? Well, obviously I don't have that talent per say,LOL

Allahu Akbar for His beautiful creations!




  1. wOw... masyAllah my dear Wanek =)What a beautiful writing you have here... I believe that you have those hidden poetic talent... try to write some, I am waiting hehe <3

  2. LOL..what a statement!hehe

    I'm what the french call "les incompetant" :P

    but thanks anyways...

    you,on the other hand, have that talent alright! =)