Sunday, March 6, 2011

a bit more...

I have a passion for photography, no doubt about that.

I want to own a gabak camera  [nama kampung: DSLR] but the price is too expensive. I mean, for me things above one hundred is already expensive, and this thing costs around 2K plus2....wohhhh

So I promised myself that I will save up my own money which comes out from my own effort to buy this dream-yet-to-come-true item  [in the list]

Just now I went to Berjaya Times Square with Pashuwarya. No intentions to buy anything fancy or whatever. <<<fast forward>>>> Nikon had a promotion where my selected item's price was acceptable. I was soooooo tempted to withdraw my money to buy it! Luckily Pashuwarya was with me and kinda indirectly prevented me from buying it. I have a budget plan and I must follow that budget plan. It'll just ruin my plan if I bought it that instant  [plus always need to consult with my mom first or else I'd feel uneasy]

But, but....I'm making some changes in my budget plan and I think I wanna buy it earlier than planned. Maybe a gift for my OLD Day next month but everything is up to Allah,  bi'iznillah =)  [if not next month pun still fine  =)   ]

Super excited and kenot wait for that moment to come. Already got some explanations from the promoter on how to use it....ngehehe, ketaq tangan tadi :P

So which model is it?

For beginners like me, OK lah kan??

Just to take family pictures, scenery's and nature [fav!!!], friends, BFF's E-Day and W-Day :p , friends Convo-Day, OK lah kan?

I'm writing this not to brag or whatever [plus rasanya sekarang dslr mcm dah  jd item mampu milik, je sekin xmampu nk beli lagi]

THIS IS MY MOTIVATION TO WORK SINCERELY AND HARDWORKING- LY!  [and ignore all the stress2 part although it's hard to ignore....hohoho]

Already got a name for it/him,LOL....hehe.....saved up that name for a longgggg time :)



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