Sunday, September 2, 2012


Let me share a little bit about my career journey.

Graduated in May 2010, vacation.....applied for a freelance job which ended as my full-time job starting from October 2010. Here's the interesting part, my work doesn't require me to wake up early in the morning, open my wardrobe and hassle myself over what attire to wear, didn't need to take the bus nor any public transportation, didn't need to mingle with colleagues. Just had to attend meetings with boss and clients every once in a while. Long story short, it's a job MOST PEOPLE would want.

"Sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit, apatah lagi suami isteri [eh] dalam dunia pekerjaan"

October 2011

 Out of no where, while I was so stressed out translating, I drafted an email and sent it to my current employer applying the position as an EDITOR, something I love to do and confident in doing it. Two three weeks later, the person replied my email and said if I'm interested to work there, I should email my resume but after that, no news were heard of.

February 2012

While translating and Una was at my house, I got a phone call and I guess this was the start of my new rizq because I rarely pick up unknown calls  [anti-social much?!]. The person on line told me I succeeded the filtering and needed to go for the next step: Le Interview. Guess I've jot down something about the interview so no repetition is needed. Mind you, I was told in advance the position offered was not editor but Language Teacher but I said YES to the interview offer [!]

April 2012

Resigned from previous job. Decided to rest for a while, continued with freelance job, went for umrah, fasting came and during the last week of Ramadhan, I received the offer letter for inshaAllah current job.

Yes I graduated with an English Language and Literature Degree but teaching was never in my dream job list. Not because I look down upon this job but I never had the courage. I'm socially awkward so being in front of a group of people staring at me isn't an ideal thing for me to do.

So I'm really making a big fuss among my loved and closest ones about this new journey I'll be traveling. Imagine I've been all ME all these while, after this it'll be, ME, MY EMPLOYER, COLLEAGUES, OFFICE, FORMAL ATTIRE, LECTURE ROOMS andddd.....le STUDENTS   [zomggg the thought of it is already killing me!!!]  ----maafler bekas budak benl mmg over acting sikit...coz we're awesome liddat :p

This is certainly a gift and also a test from Him.

Alhamdulillah for both.

All smiles ^^

Keep me in your prayers :)

I will do my extra best!! InshaAllah