Sunday, August 26, 2012

Barakallahu lakuma AK & AAR

Alhamdulillah, my BFF@ BFTJ is hitched!

No more friend who laughs to almost everything I say, no more friend who seldom...almost doesn't feel disheartened by me, no more friend to get excited with me over something....

OK, better stop here before I get all emotional...eheh

I attended her solemnization and reception ceremony and saw my sweet friend being taken away by her personal doctor :)

May Allah bless your marriage with sakinah mawaddah wa rahmah. May it be a smooth journey until jannah. May you be bless with so many cute children  [and take me as their godmother :D]. Remember what the tok kadi said : "Jaga hubungan dengan Allah, jaga hubungan dengan ibu-bapa"

To Doc AAR: Please take care of AK well. Be patient with her and guide her till jannah. 

To AK: I've whispered everything to you so no need to be emotional all over again....hahaha x macho ok!
            ( dah kawen ni jgn lah lupakan i olls ok?!!!)

bersalaman dengan mother-in-law masing2 :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Thank You Allah (2) - Umrah


Finally I gathered myself together to come and share about my first experience of performing umrah <3

Where to start? what to tell?

We set off from Madinah around 3 p.m, stopped by Bir Ali to do our meeqat for umrah...continued journey...stopped at a "RnR" in the middle of the dessert to perform Jamak taqdim Maghrib+Isya' and our journey continued until we reached Makkah Al-Mukarramah. It was about 10 p.m and the bus did pass by Masjidil Haram when it made a U-turn to our accommodation. I was tired [due to the longgg and slow bus ride] but excited at the same time.

After getting our room keys, had dinner and freshened up [without breaking the pantang larang for people in "ihram"], we gathered at the lobby for one purpose, to perform our umrah. Each step closer to masjidil haram meant a step closer to finally witness kaabah. Our entrance was at Gate 9 "Babul Malik Abdul Aziz". The crowd was massive but my focus was only one, kaabah,kaabah,kaabah. Finally, I saw it! Alhamdulillah

Mesmerized. Labbaikallahumma labbayk...

Our mutawif guided us of where to start our tawaf so off we went. The beginning of tawaf was at the green light [the light is obvious, you won't miss it :)]. On our left side was the door of kaabah. This is where we should wave and recite "Bismillahi Allahu Akbar" . After finishing tawaf, we performed the 2 rakaat sunat prayer and then it was sa'ee time.

I was quite surprised to see such a modernized sa'ee place. Our sa'ee finished around 3 a.m and we ended our ihram with tahallul.

Day 3 and 4 were spent visiting historical places that took place during the time of the prophets, places for Haji and last but not least, the camel farm! [which lead me to high fever for one whole day!]

I admit that I didn't fully utilize my time there to be at the mosque most of the time and I regret it. Hopefully I will get the chance to visit and at that time, I want to be close to Him as much as possible. InshaAllah.

Although everything  [nice and unpleasant] was unforgettable, I just wanted to share this sweet memory that I experienced there. You see, Makkah at that time was excruciatingly hot due to summer season and I wasn't fond of hot weather because I always end up with a terrible headache [simptom puteri lilin...hoho] but Allah's miracle, I did not experience it at all. Second thing was, you can just ask for anything you want and you'll see how your prayers will be answered  [ I can't share with you what it was but for me, it was a gift from Allah]. Thirdly, due to the hot weather, I thought it wasn't very comfortable to do tawaf sunat but I was wrong. So so wrong.

See the two rows of green carpet? If you step on it, obviously it was hot but miraculously once you step at the marmar, you feet automatically will not feel any hotness at all. I thought I was dreaming so I asked my mother and sisters and they all said the same. Guess that is Allah's aid for us to perform our ibadah there comfortably. Even while making my tawaf rounds, I felt the sense of breeziness eventhough I was surrounded by so many people. I felt so ashamed that I sin a lot but He still made sure that I was comfortable enough. Alhamdulillah.

During our last day there, we had a mixed feeling. One was the excitement of returning back to Malaysia but at the same time, we were sad to leave behind those precious moments, kaabah, the Holy Land.

My prayers still continue....

Allah answered one of my prayers, which was to secure a job after raya in K.L  [but He gave advancement to me ^^.....but not in k.l ] and I hope He will answer my other prayer which is to pursue my dream in.......[sssshhh]

Despite some trials that tested our patience, everything else was beautiful, magical and mesmerizing. I can't describe more than that.

Bellow are some pictures not in order :)

jabal rahmah. Many of my friends kirim doa here :)

Mina...During Hajj, this place is lively

daily route from hotel to masjd...busy ainnit?

sky-scrapper. Clock Tower

what we watch most of the time in our hotel room. Live view of kaabah :)

outside view. Gate 9

pic taken by Ammar from rooftop. This was tawaf after maghrib.

Captivating dawn

Ice-cream stall. WAJIB try ice-cream 3 riyal mixed flavour dia...haha terus mixed bahasanya :p

3 jamrah

sejuk ada. original ada. And it's practically everywhere is the masjid!

You are so cute but not in a million years I will eat your meat or drink your milk.


May I have the chance again....inshaAllah :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Unemployed No More


Rezeki Ramadhan :)


I have never even imagined that I will embark on this new career line. NEVER.

May Allah eases my path. Ameen.

Again, thank you Allah

and thank you, kind people who have prayed for me...for I am nothing without your prayers :)