Tuesday, January 11, 2011


A year which will witness many many more of my dear friends getting engaged and married and delivering cute babies ^^

But,that's not my focus point.

I just got the information that another friend will be pursuing her Masters in September T_T

That is an overwhelming news for me.

Me? wallahu'alam. My dream is big and I cannot rush into things just because I'm dying to further my studies. I miss 'school', I really do T_T

There's been some changes in my plan  [because we humans can only plan but Allah has the power to grant it or not ] BUT my dream lives on.... Allah knows best =)

We'll see how it goes from now.....I don't want to overthink about this matter at the moment

To all who will be on your way to do your M.A, I [in a positive way] envy you guys ^_____^!!! 

The good thing about this would be: I have ample time to think what course I want to pursue...still linguistics? sociolinguistics? psychology? [maybe because that's the closest to the brain which I totally adore since schoolhood], translation? [hmm....30/70 not],sociology? [maybe]......think think think  [but don't overthink....hehe]

pardon me, this was only a monologue/stress relief session....hohoho

*tadi baca dua2 blog lama and gelak sorang2 bc kisah2 ketika masih bergelar pelajar lagi,ok now that explains the melancholic reminiscence

* I started blogging in 2008,May, 4


  1. it's not the end of the world laling!!
    cepat atau lambat je. trust yourself. you will be alright. psstt, m.a bukan kayu pengukur seseorang tu hebat ke tidak. xD

    -princess tutu-

  2. I try to think positive but maybe sometimes the envy poison kicks in....hehe

    Congratz ye...hoho

    and pray for me too ^^

    laptopku disabotaj olehmu :P