Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Life as it is

copied from somewhere in tumblr

Assalamualaikum and hii!

me again!

If you happen to see so many posts here after this and sometimes does not make any sense, JUST SKIP and hurrily click the "X" button =)

Anyways, I wanted to share a short note. I just got to know a virtual friend of mine is going to undergo a surgery. I thought it was just a minor surgery for something minor but what happened to be the case is that, she has Ovarian Cancer. Frankly speaking, I'm not much of a sweet talker nor a good consoler [Alexithymia] but people can come and share anything with me. I may handle situations differently but alhamdulillah my friends seem to acknowledge that =). So I just wished her the very best, that I'll pray for her [and inshaAllah I will], and I shared with her one of late Mas Afzal's sayings  [refer on the rigt side of this blog]

My point is, everything that we have now is not even ours. Everything is lent. So let us be grateful with everything that we have and don't. One day we're all happy and healthy but can we guarantee the same situation the next day? Wallahu a'lam T_T

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  1. omg, is it someone i know in tumblr?? terkejutnye...

  2. yes yes! just scroll deeper and you'll find her last post....kt sempat komen n wish dia td T_T...dia nk operate lusa ni...jom sama2 doakan dia

  3. m i following her? siapa ek? org negara mana?

  4. cannot disclose here...but yerp u follow her..I'll text u whom and u can check her tumblr