Saturday, January 15, 2011

ni dah terlebih fokus! :P

In whatever you do, you must STAY FOCUSED!

or else you might end up like this situation : you decided to boil some eggs to make egg salad. You waited for the water to hot boil itself. You hold two eggs with one hand. Your mind is elsewhere [let's say: work?]. Your eyes however managed to capture the boiling sensation and you wanted to put in the eggs. Instead, you boiled your empty hand assuming you were holding the eggs with that hand. Epic kan?

So, stay focused on what you are doing/on what you are aiming for. Never get distracted, not even for a minute! LOL

What a funny busy week I had  *giggles*

Wanna see something really funny?


I'll leave the entry title-less

Happy Weekends!



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