Friday, January 28, 2011

On the other side of the world

If you have been following the world news, you might know what's happening in the Middle East. The latest update would be what's happening now in Egypt. I saw some trending in twitter and tumblr posts about the situation.

You can read it : HERE, HERE

No wonder my superiors were a bit quiet throughout this week. I don't want to jump any further into this matter but I do hope that everything will turn out well inshaAllah. Heard that there will be a BIG riot/demo after Jumaah Prayer [their time] today. UPDATED: I just got info from my colleague that my superiors can't work today. Maybe due to Internet disconnection and the riot...Hope everything is fine over there

On another side, I just saw this touching video. Very rare for me to post such thing but I just can't help not sharing it with others. I think this is so beautiful, in every possible way ^^

T_T <----this    [someone from far awayyy shed tears...hoho]



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