Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This is so much of a random post. Today is Tuesday with Morrie. Life is moving so stagnantly. Oh,wrong adjective. Life is moving fine, alhamdulillah.Tomorrow my family is coming to spend the public holiday+weekends with me, weeeeee! :D. Thursday is a public holiday but I will be working. I don't mind working on that day because I will have to work on Friday anyway so what's the point?

I just can't wait for the CNY's holiday!!! I've applied my leave and my boss has already approved it so again, I can't wait!!! it's on a Thursday and Friday :)

So,because I'm being random, I'll randomly share some random stuffs I happened to find in my other escapism:

I've finished reading "Remember Me" after a long duration since the day I bought it. It wasn't a very interesting book, the storyline was a bit twisted and hanging till the ending. Luckily I just bought it for 50 pence at the CarbootSale. Now, I've started reading "House Rules" and I know it won't not be a long process because Jodi Picoult's books never fail to capture my time. Then I'll proceed with Tuesdays with Morrie given by a virtual friend. However, it's a PDF book but never mind, won't buy it anyways :P. If I'm rajin enough, inshaAllah I'll share some of what I read here especially "House Rules" because of the main topic of Asperger's Syndrome, like like like!

and oh yes, as you can see on the right side below the "about me" section, I've put a virtual iPod Nano with a list of three beautiful nasheeds. I didn't put it on autoplay mode because I don't want to cause any mild heart attacks once coming to my blog  [as if byk sgt...hehe]. Click play if you're intested to listen to my current likings =)

Till then,



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