Sunday, January 23, 2011


"Abdullah ibn Mas'ud relates that one day the Prophet said, 'Be shy of Allah (God) Most High as much as is His due.' The companions present said, 'All praise to Allah, we are shy of Him.' The Prophet said, 'That is not the point. Whoever is shy of Allah as much as is His due, he should protect his head and that which it comprises (i.e. mind, mouth, ears), his stomach and that which is adjoining it (i.e. preserve it from unlawful wealth and protect the private parts from the unlawful), and he should remember death and that which is to come after it; and whoever desires the Hereafter should abandon the adornments of this world. Whoever fulfills these duties has been shy of Allah as much as is His due.'" (Musnad Ahmad)

Today I want to talk a little bit about modesty. Defining the term according to my personal lexicon would akin to moderate/down to earth, humble....orang melayu kata "besederhana"

This word is tough, both in meaning and practice. Easy said than done, easy done than maintaining it.

Just look around us, what do people don't show? qualifications? wealth? social status? assuming that we act, walk,talk, wear something better than others? even the high level of 'knowledge' that we may have as compared to others in whatever significant field. Ok, don't look so far, just look into ourselves..... [let's do some reality check shall we?]

As I recall back some of the people that I can still remember from my past, one thing I could line out from all of them. Their natural feature of being a modest person. Some are too humble even though they score like crazily high in exams, some keep their wealthy family's background a secret, some who wears simple same fashion from the first time I met until the end, the ones who appear rough but actually has a soft hard, the ones who'd buy extra fish at the cafeteria just to feed the stray cats around the mahallah, the ones who'd help out another person even though they are already tied to their schedule........those who have their unique way of portraying that act of kindness.

Personally, people who possess and could portray that feature could really catch my heart. Being modest and's something that I would love to see in people, to be and hope that everyone could be [to be or not to be, that is the question....shakespeare sikit].  By that, all of us could be a grateful human being for whatever we have and always remember to thank Him....the Possessor and Giver....thank you Allah =)

Let's be humble, be nice to people, be courteous, be grateful and many more of the mahmudah features ^^

Taf tapi bukan mustahil, chayok2 buat kita semua!!!




  1. awww... ahsanti ya sahebti :) i like... thnx sebab sharing your piece of writing which includes your personal view, really informative :) it is true, when u have mentioned "Easy said than done, easy done than maintaining it. ....."
    Allah ybarek feeki :D