Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It has been 8 months since I left the title as a student. Precisely 8 months. My last paper was on the 8th of April [3-5Pm] and today it is the 8th of December. A long unnoticeable 8 months. How time flies by so quickly.

Studying had always been the apple of my eye something that seems stressful yet enjoying at the same time. The ambiance you get in different classes with different lecturers and different classmates with 1001 colourful characters are such an awe experience. Sometimes a classroom can be so dull till you literally sleep with your eyes wide open even if it was the first class in the morning and sometimes you just can't wait to go to a class where you find the whole factors [lecturer-subject-classmates] interesting <--unfair right? I know most of you are just like me, teheee :p. Everyday can be different, the mood, the excitement, the whom you meet and what they did that could influence your life  [alahai mcm ayat novel lah pulak]

And now, after 8 long months, tip-toeing a new life as an employee sure feels different. Adapting is something hard and even harder for an introvert like me but I'm very good at playing confident so that would be one of my precious weapon.

Say.....actually I terribly miss the old life back-forwarding more than 8 months ago. That hectic+pressuring+demanding lecturers+ridiculous amount of assignments-PRESENTATIONS+sometimes bored to death classes would be the ones I'd truly want to re-live once again even if it meant only for a week.

See....don't get me wrong here. I don't resent my current life in fact I'm enjoying it day by day but the working force is not the same as the studying phase.

 But, the concept stays: learning new things everyday but work also means applying what I learn so goodbye Shakespeare I don't need you in my new life...haha [sorry literature lovers :D] and also it is still an AMANAH for me to treasure and do things appropriately and dedicatedly, just like when I had to do my assignments, yeahh still the same.

What I want to say is: while you are still in a situation [be it studying-working-young-healthy,etc], try to create nice memories out of it, try to be more appreciative, try to be more grateful, try to make things right before it all becomes a PAST TENSE and leaves you what I'm doing.....melancholically blogging about it....huahuahua

p/s: the italicized words are not that valid so don't use it in formal usage okay :p

I can't wait to do my Masters! I hope the time will come very very soon :), inshaAllah, pray for me eyh?! mucho gracias in advance ^^

IKLAN: DIKESEMPATAN INI JUGA SAYA INGIN MENGUCAPKAN TAHNIAH KEPADA RAKAN2 YANG SUDAH SAH bernikah BERGELAR GRADUAN UIA DAN YANG SUDAH MENDAPAT PEKERJAAN, MABRUK KEPADA SEMUA! ^^. Kepada yang belum, jangan sedih2....rezeki Allah ada dimana2,jgn putus mencari dan berdoa kepadaNya...I pray you all the best =)




  1. cant stop crying thinking about pursuing master...

  2. crying sampai? save the tears a lil bit will ya? not good being a teary preggy mom :)