Tuesday, February 1, 2011


It has been raining for 3 days already here in Malaysia. In some states there has also been a big flood where the people had to be removed from their respected houses. May Allah help ease their difficulties a bit and may they be patient. Don't play with the water coz you might catch any unwanted diseases  [ ok I don't know whom I'm addressing this to, just a random reminder spoken by the tee-vee]

So, the election in TENANG already saw a winner. Shortly after that, petrol price increased yet another 10cents. That's too little, why not go up to RM1 already? aish2, pity those who suffer due to this increment. I know because I listen. You [yg menaikkan harga] should do a heart-2-heart conversation with the common people who have cars and use it daily. Not every state has LRT's,KTM's and public buses [that is actually visible on the road] so consider that too. Oh wrong emotions injected, I was supposed to 'support' the increment,haha and it has never been something new actually. Patience my fellow friends.

Ok, today's a holiday for KL-ans,wehoo! Can't wait for this coming Thursday and Friday but regardless, I've been out of tasks from Friday due to the conditions in Egypt. Still haven't received any news from my superiors. The Malaysian students have been transferred out from Egypt so alhamdulillah on that part. Hope everyone are safe and sound inshaAllah.

what to say when it rains?

It's 1 February already!



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