Saturday, November 6, 2010

Life is also war,storm and flood


The north part of Malaysia is being tested with a heavy flood:

refer:  here

Happened to noticed some Muslim lad and lasses celebrating Halloween the other day.

Bribery here and there.

Ruthless killings here and there.

Dirty politics.

Now you do the maths.

Allah sends His 'signs' not to burden people out of their capabilities but to remind them [us] of how far we are from Him and what are we doing to ourselves.

Praise be to Him who did not send his 'signs' like the previous people where earth were sank to its root leaving only the believers.

Would we only realize if that day comes?

I am so ashamed of myself. Is this me being a vicegerent on earth?   [ let us all ask this question to ourselves]

Life on this earth is not forever. Gain everything [material] that you want, do anything that you want,but in the end when your turn is up to meet back the ground, you'll only bring with you your deeds. And what did you prepare for it?

May Allah ease their pains in the affected areas and also those in Indonesia whom are affected by the spewing volcano of 'Gunung Merapi', the Palestinians and everyone whom are battling with their life conditions. May Allah forgive us all, ameen



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