Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I have a dream


what were your dreams or ambition[S] when you were little? and did it change? and where are you now?

Let me answer mine first,

when I was little, I dreamed of becoming an astronaut, weird huh? I think I was inspired during my primary school when the teacher, can't remember which grade but I guess it was Mrs.Grey who had shown a video concerning Neil Armstrong going to the moon and I was like "whoaa, this is so cool!"  [ ok, so faking it :p]

years flew by....then I wanted to be an Interior Designer...you know...having awesome designs for homes...I love something simple+futuristic but still preserving the homey+cosy sensation of a house....but I was bad in drawing and anything concerning arts...only got an A once or twice...LOL.so tata adios.

Later, I wanted to be a doctor...so so much! I have some close relatives whom are doctors and I love going to their clinics and watch how they work and it was so so awesome!

Then, I wanted to be a brain surgeon...I was inspired due to this one visit to PPUM where we got to see all the preserved body parts and I couldn't take my eyes of the brain in the bottle....even wanted to bring one....and I love the brain part in my Biology text book....but..haha...boo me....because I didn't study hard enough nor smart enough to enable me taking medicine for my university course [ now I sound like a freak! ]...put it into a correct semantic....no rizk for me in this course ^^

So, there ends my childhood ambition/dream.

I entered IIUM and did English course.....can you spot any connection[s] between English and my dreams? none right? Clearly I wasn't interested because I can't stand lengthy literature and I despised poetry so much...even wanted to change course so badly but my dad said, just try doing it for one semester and see how it goes....so I tried, and amusingly somehow I could connect with the course...

it was during matriculation when I got an inspiration that "hey, this might not be bad at all"....two person made me love being an English student...they were Mdm Mumtazah and Mdm Azimah....other lecturers also contributed but they two were extra special to me....Mdm. Mumtazah made me love linguistic so so much! Her method of teaching was outstanding and her consultation sessions and everything made me ACE-ed my linguistic paper, alhamdulillah.. While for Mdm Azimah, she taught two subjects, first was drama...I was very terrible during this class, very introvert, just sat quietly and hardly answered any questions. Suddenly during the second subject I took with her and that was during my final semester, I was like a different person and she personally told me "how I've changed drastically and how I presented so well in front of the classroom". It boosted me up to 100% level of confidence

So, I fell in love with my course....didn't even mention about changing course....went with the flow and finished my 3 and a half years of Bachelor's Degree....still, didn't know what I wanted to be after I finished...until one day I watched "The Proposal" and snap! I wanted to be Margaret Tate...not the character..I mean her job....an editor...it seemed so cool having that kind of power....haha

And now, alhamdulillah I've come to this new phase...working as something similar to MT's

My point is:

Who said dreaming is wrong? It's a sign that you want to have a purpose of life....You can either chase your dreams or go on a different route...failed to achieve your dreams? Create a new one and try achieving that dream for a change...or go with the flow and do the very best in what you [we] are doing now...just don't sit still and do nothing....everyone's gone to the moon and you're still stuck at the "road not taken"??!....don't despair and never lose hope cause Allah is always by your side, inshaAllah  [tibe2 masuk lagu maher zain pulakkks!]...and whatever you do, do it for the sake of Allah, and everything will be fine

"..But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not".   [ Al-Baqarah: 216 ]

I still have a long journey to go..............................................

[credits to una who made her ambition status]

till then,



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