Friday, November 12, 2010

Let's learn how to acquire English!

Salam to all,

So,as the title goes, how do you learn your English?

Well, let's go through some of the best options practiced by many:

1) Read  - You should read just about anything in English  ( please, a decent one ). There are two methods of reading. One is reading in silent and the other one is reading out loud  [okay,make sure there's no one busy near you or you might annoy them  :D ] [and the third method would be through imaginations and dreams,ha..ha]  . And don't start with the materials, there are plenty of them. You could read the hard copies or soft copies  

2) Listen - I'm guessing most people love listening to Western songs [ come on, don't be shy to admit! :p ]. Try YouTube for some English academical materials, focus more on the English usage when you use the public transportation [okay, I think this only implies the LRT ]

3) Watch - When you are watching any English drama/movies, try to avoid the subtitles. Focus on how they use the language leisurely and inshaAllah if you try to imitate them, one day you'll be as good as them

4) Write - got a FB account? blog? tumblr?twitter?and the whatnot's? WRITE in IT in ENGLISH! ashamed of committing any mistakes? well, it's better you commit it in a leisure social website rather than you use it in academic,important matters  [ like when you do your thesis? ]...and if you write in blogs [like blogspot ], there is the function which enables you to detect any typos after writing so it would help in a way ;)

5) Play  - what? I like playing! [say it to yourself ]...go buy English crossword books and do them, not only it can trigger your English, it can enrich your vocabularies as well ;)....and just search for any English-related games, there's plenty of them

6) Speak - don't be ashamed to speak English with your friends, when you are in an English classroom, totally use it! try make a deal with one or two friends and talk to them in English for a start :)...if you go shopping, speak English with the SAs and cashiers...use English words regularly at home, school, anywhere

I don't know many tips as I do it unconsciously  [grateful to Allah for the chance to study from scratch in Glasgow once upon a time years ago ] but I do practice this one thing:

When I am alone  [like really2 alone in my room ], I record what I read  [ mostly when I read novels ]...No, not because I want to check whether my vocal cords would enable me to enter AF but I wanna listen to my own accent and intonation. That is because I've lost the Scots and I would love to imitate/ acquire the RP...RP's so sexxeyh!

Whatever examples I've given you above,I practice them for other languages...well, mostly for hindi/urdu/ [sikit2 korea and Jepun and Spanish ]..ngeeee~

One thing you should not do!

Never not do anything to improve and never do it half-heartedly...go all out! forget the odds and just ignore the mocks!

All the best!

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