Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Suhaan again

Entri untuk diri sendiri in case terlupa...hoho

The plan was to save up my salary and buy Suhaan around June when AK returns back to Malaysia.

But then I became more and more impatient. So, I revised back my expenditures and see whether it's enough [with leftover savings] or not so it turned out to be, I can buy it in April,alhamdulillah =)

Plus, it would be a great birthday gift from me to myself  ^__^

So, I started doing some research on where to buy it and the best deal I can get.

Started reading the discussion on photography forums and asked my friends.

Then, this one day, my dear friend Has gave me a link about Nikon's 10th Anniversary that will be held at MidValley so there's gonna be a promotion, ka ching ka ching! :p

So, I went there with Enigma, straightly went to level 3 and to the exhibition centre and there were so many people there with all sizes of DSLRs. Some were handling an insanely BIG SLRs  [like gler panjang and besaq lense dia!]

Went to the SLR counter and took a pamphlet and then a promoter came to me. I asked him for Suhaan's model and he gave me all the details  [price and free gifts].

I was so happy with the price that I asked him three times in case I misheard it...haha...I wanted to look at the model but all of them were occupied for other enthusiasts like me but nevermind because I have seen and held it with my bare hands at TS before.

Without delaying time, I said "ok,saya mau angkat ini" and he wrote the receipt for me. Nice fella, he attended me to the number counter and the payment counter so didn't have to queue hoho...maybe because I xbanyak songeh kot :p

At the counter, paid and asked the other fella to pasangkan and ajarkan the basics for me. Everything went fine in just half and hour. After that,we went to the food court to refresh our stomach and throat  [details yg penting pun...kui3], went to La Boheme for some bakeries and went home.

I really love KTM for their Ladies Coach but I still don't understand some GUYS who seemed confused with their own gender  [like the really heterosexual ones...shame on you dude!]

So, officially I am the proud owner of Suhaan which I bought with my own salary =)

I will be a selft taught ladygrapher so......

**bulan 6 bakal tolong shoot2 gambar for someone's E-Day....nebes gilos!! kt bako je!!haha



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