Thursday, April 7, 2011

birthday Masihi- Bahut Janamdin Me-

Happy sweet 17 to me! =)

I am grateful to Allah, my Creator, for blessing me and showering me with His endless love.

My parents, for raising me up so wonderfully and providing me with the BEST =)

beautiful friends...

suffocated with the wishes I've received in FB...haha..although it's just a FB tradition but I appreciate the wishes and du'as  [especially the jodoh part,amboi2 kemain!]

the years I spent in UIA, these two person never fail to surprise me so I'm waiting what they've got for me this weekend....ENIGMA and PASHUWARYA, love ya till jannah inshaAllah =)

I pray that I can improve myself as a human being, a daughter, a friend, an employee, and most importantly, improve my Imaan from time to time, inshaAllah, ameen



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