Friday, April 15, 2011

Inspiration [6]: Optimistic

Just wanna share something that hopefully might inspire any of you reading this.

I'll just copy paste the write up:

This is Lizzie Velásquez. She’s a 22 year old, motivational speaker. She was born with a very rare syndrome that only 3 people in the world have. No name is given for the syndrome. She has been bullied throughout her life for all the wrong reasons. Nobody should be judged. She’s beautiful. She doesn’t have any eating disorder, she actually has perfect health. She has NEVER weighed more then 62 pounds in her entire life, but seems to enjoy every minute of being herself. She would never change herself if the world depended on it.

GO TO HER PAGE ----->  Kelik!

Despite the fact that she might be "different" from what people perceive as "normal", she managed to grow up healthy, optimistic and excel in life, and she's only 22!

Someone like her and other inspiring people GMH   :D

Heads up guys!

Be grateful, Alhamdulillah


[[[[[THIS]]]]]]    "Ehlam ma'aya ya sodiqi", beautiful ~



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