Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ramadhan Kareem!


So, it's already day 5 of fasting for Muslims in Malaysia and other parts in the globe. Not too late for me to wish RAMADHAN KAREEM to ya olls who are reading S-2-S. May we make the best out of this barakah month,inshaAllah.

I still owe this blog the Mekkah entry which I don't know when I'll have ample time to jot down my experience. Been busy with this one thesis like very pagal busy. Still unemployed until further notice but I feel so much content on the inside.

After years of fasting alone [most of the days], this time, I will be spending my whole Ramadhan with le family,alhamdulillah. But, I do miss my old life....I miss the heart of Malaysia despite the hectic-ness, lulz...Most importantly, I miss those whom I left behind. Already been bombarded with the question "bila nk blk kl?"  [wow,retisss y'awww].



Another question I got when I returned was: "jumpa jodoh x depan kaabah"?. Maybe at that moment, people were hyped up with the walimah of sis Irma Hasmie and how she met her other half.....gittteww :p. 

Well, happy fasting, happy terawih-ing, happy break-fasting! Remember, eat LESS, ibadah MORE. Don't forget while we have all the luxuries of foods to choose from, some people out there don't even have anything to eat....sobs.


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