Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Off updating and Walimah[s]


Pheww it's been a while. Many have happened along the M.I.A duration. Maybe just a quckie entry, let's see:

- The shocking news about the landslide incident. Al-Fatihah. May all of you whom passed away be placed among the blessed ones,ameen


-The Reunion that I could not join. Konvoi Gen6 SMIH to the Walimah reception of my table-mate,Maimunah and her husband and another classmate,Zikri dan his wife. Barakallahu lakuma wa baraka alaikuma wa jama'a bainakuma fi khair to both brides and grooms =)


-The very spiritual feeding Walimah reception that I just happened to attend earlier tonight. It was held at the Main Hall C.A.C of my beloved IIUM =). A very unique wedding,maybe to some people because, instead of playing musical instruments, or caklempong, or nasheed,they played quranic verses, hadeeth and displayed it on the big screen so maybe someone might be rajin enough to jot it down? :D [no,not me though].

I really loved the wedding just now...eventhough the bride comes from a  renowned background, and eventhough one may assume at first sight "wah kelassnya wedding ni", they actually made it simple. They have the extra cost to feed people with good service and good food, so what's the problem? And to make me more amused, the guests invited were of a variety groups of people. Tahfiz students, orphans were invited. Even the brides's friends were seated at the first two front tables! [Mine was table no.1!! betul2 depan meja pengantin di atas stage tu! :D]

The tentative was also simple and punctual. They really followed the time allocation, me likey! xde lambat2 ni! The du'a recitation from the bride's brother was nice, the speech given by the bride's father was sweet T_T, the quranic live recitation from this one tahfiz student was an Ear-Candy and the recitations played during our eatery,mashAllah just pleasant!

I also met my sweet INTIS friends [and all of them except two were married with one child or expecting another child TQ ]

Barakallahu lakuma wa baraka alaikuma wa jama'a bainakuma fi khair to Kak Wani & Zauj =)

A walimah well done =)

p/s: maaf ler kalau banyak grammatical error,word order rule error and error2 yg lain...Ai rasa kekoklah menulis di belogs ni yu...hohohoho



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