Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday's with Eneszek and D-D-Diyya

I don't know why is the picture senget when published

Earlier today I went to meet the princess of Bintulu,LOL

Didn't sleep after sahur and was impatient to wait for morning. Joined the other early birds on the LRT [sebab minggu ni minggu last kerja before cuti raya so semua pun semangat pergi kerja awal ke? penuhhhh kot lrt pagi td...huhu] and arrived at klcc early too. So I went to the park and read the free "The Sun" given and waited for the cue from "the highness" herself :P

Around 8.30 am-ish, went to  **** hotel and waited for her highness to greet me at the lobby. Saw many young lads [Correction: FOREIGN {orang putih} lads] going down the elevator...hohoho

Went up to her highness's room and chit-chated/played with the lil cutie pie and aid her highness on bathing the lil pie until it was 10+ am-ish. Went for a tour around KLCC just for one purpose: CUPCAKES HUNTING  [I've been craving for 'em cuppies for so longgg!]. Settled some spending *lah sangat*, said our goodbyes and I was off back home  *sho shed*

Work as usual and had iftar,alone, as usual. THE END.

Ya Allah, 6 days more to go before hari raya....I think this year's Ramadhan passed by so quickly! Missing it already T_T

Salam Ramadhan yang baki....Mari mengejar Laylatul Qadar, inshaAllah! =)



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