Saturday, October 22, 2011

be kind to yourself =)

So...yeah...I've been in a slight state of emotional instability for the past few days.

it's a mixture of sugar,spice and everything nice hence the need to burst out happened. Well, not bursting out into tears but more of rage  [which is much more zenjeroos (dangerous)]. I bet that many people ride the same boat as me every once in a while,right? Where everything seem so wrong and out of place and all you want to do is scream or punch someone in the face [wow the visual might be gory :p],JK.

This is also a test by Allah actually,to see whether we are strong enough to control our emotions where we should drive it and not be driven by them. I sincerely admit that I sometimes get carried away  [still improving on it inshaAllah]. But, these tests in a form of emotional wreck are also blessings in disguise you know? One must really feel it to understand it. That's when you find Allah and have a date with Him. Not a quickie one but a long one. Let it out because in the end, there is ONLY HIM the One Who Loves us the Most :)

And, voila, just like magic...inshaAllah you will find yourself at peace and easier to make up your mind in your future requirements.

Just like the pearls of wisdom by Yasmin Mogahed:

When you find yourself getting too attached, too affected by everything around you, its time to take an inner trip alone...with Him. Find your self, but don't embrace it. Transcend it.

And yes, we should motivate and praise ourselves once in a while. This is what I call as, SELF-MOTIVATION

Dear me,

You are a rockstar! woot! woot! XD

awesomemost me <3

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