Friday, October 22, 2010

Kyun Ki [mere reasons]

Some of you may have noticed I've changed my blog  [ like duhh obviously ] and questioned why  [lol ]

Well, the reasons are simple:

  • coding-setting-copypasting problems in me old blog
  • fell in love with new installed functions in blogspot  [ I noticed it when I created my business blog ]
  • consider it as a transformation for me upon entering a new challenging life

I'll use the beloved former blog of mine to ramble about not-so-but-kinda personal stuffs whilst in this blog would carry out beneficial purposes [hopefully ]

Adulthood senses are IN right now..hoho

Why Sugar-2-Spice?

Because the comparison of life is like sugar and spices. Sometimes we can be all jovial and sometimes we can be sober or mad. It's like a mixture of how one thing good can turn up bad and vice versa, get what I mean? Emotions are not static or stagnant, they change every 2 minutes [not scientifically proven though ] so...

kopipasta from Google

So, to those who visit S2S, a warm welcoming to you. If you read any of my entries and find faulty facts [especially regarding religious matters, do remind me by commenting, don't wanna mislead people into damnation :p ]

Have a nice day beautiful people!




  1. whatever the reason is, i still love ur writings! excellent english, linguist, ofcourse la kan. haha. long to write as well tapi tak bleh lama ngadap laptop. mmg cepat dizzy

  2. awww,u're the reason why I started blogging in the first place....u've been reading since my first blog was born [haha,feeling2 bersalin pulak] :p

    haha..excellent english? I think that is YOU!

    please take care of yourself,nanti hubby marah pulak bini dia bc S2S :p