Friday, October 22, 2010


Farhan Qureshi: [after finding out Rancho topped their exam] That day we learned, when your friend flunks, you feel bad, when he tops, you feel worse. [ a scene in 3 Idiots ]

In life, we cannot expect people to actually understand us. We regard a once stranger to be an acquainted friend just to realize that sometimes they are not sincere with us. People can say that "oh, I am so happy for your success" but actually in their mind " why did she get what I deserved?"

From the above line I bet many would agree especially in whatever level you may be for instance; when you were at school, struggling to get an A for all subjects while the person next to you who sleeps all the time scores the highest everytime. Then, you enter University and you see one or two teacher's pet who always score every subject they take even the fact that you know that sometimes they didn't have to work hard as you did. Later one, you face the work force seeing people getting raises in salary and position while you are still stuck in the same position for 5 years.

The thing is, no matter how "good for him/her" you said you wanted to feel on the outside, on the inside there's a razor blade trying to cut you off with evil anguish

This is a very bad sign indeed. A problem that will kill you with no physical illness, both ways.

One person may feel disheartened and demotivated albeit the fact that he/she tries her best sincerely

Another one feeling slightly envious for the success of whomever they may know and give negative comments instead of a booster

A little advise ,

People, we are not living this temporary life to battle on gaining the best for individual purposes. Whatever battle we encounter, we do it together in a sense that One may actually go to battle so the other party should give their utmost undivided sincere SUPPORT, and not tear them apart with hurtful comments. Yes, hurtful comments sometime works for people to go up higher not wanting to be looked down upon but bear in mind, they have feelings too. Whatever you said earlier are glued in their mind/hearts

I should bear that in mind also.....

Do not feel envious of other's success instead look it as a positive reinforcement, to motivate you on catching your goals. And never forget, you have Allah who listens to you and will give to you what is needed when the time is right. If 'they' can do it, why can't you? have faith in Him okay and don't drag down one who just got their prayers answered.

and if you don't have anything nice to say, just learn how to keep quiet .

It's perfectly normal to feel envious sometimes but don't make that an excuse to hurt the feelings of others, ok?

*Strive together *

A reminder for me, you and all of us