Sunday, April 21, 2013

*fast-paced vacuuming the wall*

 oh boy oh boy so long I have been ignorning S2S!

Assalamualaikum and hello to you :D  (of which I doubt if anyone had waited for a new post,LOL *vain*)

Life's been pretty good for me alhamdulillah...Current job has its ups and downs but more of the ups rather than downs :)

We are already in week 11 of second semester and I still can't believe I survived first semester!

This semester is a bit challenging as I am "teaching" 3 research classes and only 1 first year subject.  I've begin to understand the game but got taken aback by some rude behaviour of students  *only a tiny portion of them*.  I will not spill the drama here but they make me question their existence in UNIVERSITY. If you, as a student, don't want to commit yourselves to the tasks given, whine every now and then, not satisfied with the marks given....but everything contradicts with the amount of effort and hard work you put in, WHO ARE WE KIDDING HERE?! Why do you even care to come and study then?! So, save the whines for other stuffs that doesn't concern the teachers. I try to be lenient, sympathetic but you go over my head, problems will occur.   [kata tak nak drama kat sini...ish ish ish ]

On a brighter note, my birthday this year  [7th April, ting ting] was filled with fun and laughter despite the fact my family was not with me and I had to work. Thank you new jolly friends...rhifat bhi wovvs youz :D 

With the increment of age and the younger I became  [lahhh sangat :p], I pray for many more good things to come, good health, good friends, peace and humanity for my brothers and sisters all around the globe, ameen.

Prioritize your priorities

Aim: all the way towards phD, inshaAllah...ameen thumma ameen! :)

Till then.....I will try to write more if I have things to talk about :D

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